Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Boy and His "Hoy"

"Hoy" is Hilkiah's word for horse.  During horse rides he can sometimes be heard exclaiming "Chaw! Hoy!"  Usually, his horse rides are done galloping around on Mommy or Daddy's (more frequently Daddy's :-)) back.  However, here was another version that happened recently.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Creek

We have this drainage, runoff creek that runs through our neighborhood, and our kids think it is one of greatest places to play!  :-)  Though it may sound kind of nasty, with all the surrounding trees, it's a rather pretty spot.

And one more post below...

Grey and Rainy...

Today has been a rather grey, rainy day with plenty of grey, rainy attitudes to match.  Eventually, Mommy decided rain or no rain we were getting outside for a little bit.  What started as a little bike and push car drive, quickly turned into a ride through the puddle, run through the puddle, and crawl in the puddle excursion.  :-)