Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mexico Part 2

Ok, starting off this "Part 2" post, we have a picture that was taken on our trip down to Mexico.  This shot should give most of you a clue as to where we had dinner.  Cracker Barrel.  :-)  That evening we also got to enjoy a salt water pool at the hotel we stayed in. 

Ok, on to where I left off on the last post.  Our first stop was in Monterrey, where we stayed with a lovely and very hospitable family!  One of things we got to observe while with them was an annual outreach to children that they do in a park.  The outreach has to do with Mexico's national children's day, which is like our Mother's and Father's day.  The picture below shows a few of us after some initial set up was done and before the kids arrived.  Quite a few children came and were treated to singing and lesson time (about David and Goliath), games, crafts, sandwiches and treats. 

Here's two shots of the home we were staying in.

The four pictures below were from the night we were taken to a historial site high on a hill over looking the massive city of Monterrey, where we were treated an excellent view of the city lights.  After taking in the sites we sat down and had a singing time and a late night picnic.  Hilkiah LOVED the bolillo sandwiches!!!!!!  He wanted the recipe.

From Monterrey, we headed to Saltillo a very historic Mexican city.  This first picture of of a weekly children's outreach that a local church does in a very rough neighborhood.  May the Lord Jesus richly bless them and give great fruit as they faithfully minister in this way!

The next couple shots are of the lovely family (and one of their other guests) that we stayed with in Saltillo. 

A cute though somewhat out of focus smile from Tirzah.

Clara and Hil "helping" with a baking project.  The younger daughter was just barely older then Clara and they had some fun times together.  The older daughter, Elda, was so good to all of us!

The next two shots are from a delicious meal following a church meeting.  The family we stayed with have been faithfully hosting the assembly in their home for over 20 years!

And of course, there is always the need to recharge with some sleep!

More to follow...