Monday, March 28, 2016

Some Recent Cuteness

Tirzah waking up.

 A little later, this great yawn was captured by big brother, Hil.

 One of my precious artists, Ittai.

 Another precious, if more messy, artist. :-)

Sweet Girl

 Several weeks back my big girl asked to sleep with curlers.  Here she is after they were put in.  And the following picture is the fine lady the next morning.  :-)

Friday, March 25, 2016


It's been a day of blessings.  Life can be so full of challenge, struggle, things I don't understand, but God is so GOOD to pour in such blessings with it.

Some blessings from my day:

The serious face of a three year old, facing me with his sweet brown eyes and listening as I read from the Bible.  That look of attention was so precious.

That same precious child, because of listening to  a book being read later in the morning, asking with sweet eagerness if "Jesus would come to our house?"  And later in the conversation saying "I would say Hi and hug Him".  It gave Mommy the opportunity to share with him and the others that if he would put his faith in the Lord Jesus, Jesus would come to live inside him and and would be with him always.

This same sweet little fellow bringing yet MORE weed flowers as gifts for Mommy.  A three year old sweetly bringing you weeds is just way too precious!!!!  Seriously.

Potty-training successes.  We're "behind" on that, but very thankfully, the Lord has been blessing us with progress!  And boy, it can be exciting... and a relief!!!!

All the bigs going to Grandma's for part of the afternoon.  I took my dear Tirzie on a walk.  As she was riding in the stroller, without older sibling to distract her, she started singing away.  She knows a few words from "Jesus Loves Me".  She sang and sang.  Sometimes I would join her and then she would carry on solo.  "Twinkle twinkle" got added in there a little bit, but we mostly sang Jesus Loves Me.  Preciousness, that may not have happened or been appreciated with out that one-on-one time.  Thank You, Lord.  And thank you, Grandma!

Monday, March 7, 2016


A few snipets from life in these parts:  We had a sonogram, and our latest Blessing is due September 12!  That puts us at 13 weeks right now.  We had the sono at 11 weeks 4 days and our tiny little person put on a good show! Already jumping in there! :-)

Here's some cuteness from the big sister:
 This girl brings us soooo many smiles and such joy.  She is developing like crazy and adding words rapidly to her vocabulary.  She loves to hold up phones or a toy camera while saying "cheese. cheese."  Then she'll turn the device and offer you to " 'N she?" (offering for you to "see" her latest "photograph").

Some friends invited us to join them last Saturday at Home Depot's once a month workshop for kids.  This month, the project was assembling and decorating toy wagons.  We'd never been before, and the kidos really enjoyed it.  Here's some shots of folks at work, followed by a photo of the finished projects.  That one includes our little friend.  

This last shot was taken today, of folks enjoying a spur-of-the-moment treat: fast food picnic for lunch!  Fun stuff!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sending Smiles Your Way

Here's a few smiles from our house.  Even though she looks so bright in these pictures, these were taken when sweet Tirzah was sick with the flu that recently made it's way through this family.  Her big sister was hanging out with her for a bit on the chair.  Enjoy the smiles.  :-)