Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Talk About Skills!!!!

And don't miss the other new post below. It contains a great mother / daughter conversation!

Quite Grown-up

Sunday morning I was packing up some snacks for the kids to have while we were at chapel, when in walked a little girl and we had a conversation that went something like this:

Clara: "What are you doing?"

Me: "Packing snacks for chapel."

C: "I can't want any snacks 'cause I'm the Mommy."

Me: "Oh ok. Well, maybe you could feed them to your baby (doll)."

C: "Ok"

.... a second later...

C: "She can't eat any because she doesn't have any teeth. She can only drink her bottle."

This girl sure brings smiles to her Mommy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Family is Growing!

Yes, sir-yyee! Summer is a good time to announce when families grow! Gracie and I would love to announce and welcome the newest member of our extended family, Raechel P., who accepted the kind invitation for marriage from the gregarious, fun-loving romantic you all know as, Randy, uncle to Clara and Hil. We approve of this arrangement and look forward to the forthcoming announcements of the matrimonial festivities. Welcome to the family Raechel!

This month's post....Hahahaaaha! Sorry we've been so long.

This is Stephen.

Clara greeted me at the door recently looking like this. And the first thing she said was "I Gracie, this my baby, and (pointing to the real Gracie) this.....this.....this is Momma." Something very cute for the end of the day. Like getting desert before supper.

These are two neighbor girls that we have been getting to know, Sarah (7) and Christa (4), sisters. They came to the Sunday morning meetings this morning and we get along great.

This picture was taken last weekend. The little girl next to Clara is from Rochester, but the other two girls are local with us. We also have just gladly received a new family from Winnipeg, Sam and Hannah. Their daughter, Isabel, is not present. Poor Hil is outnumbered with the ladies!

Sorry we haven't been getting as many posts in. Hopefully that will not always be the case.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Peanut Butter and Honey


I have this habit of coming up with new nicknames for my kidos. They can be rather random or can have a logical source. Well, one I've used occasionally for Hil is "Peanut-butter man"... not that he likes the stuff... it's just nick name... maybe had something to do with occasionally calling him "Peanut". Well, I had used it at one point today and I heard my little girl say "I ah honey girl." :-)
Peanut-butter and honey... great combination! I think she may have just gotten herself a SWEET new name! :-)