Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Clara Lately

Well, the little lady's stiches are out and the chin is healing nicely!  Thank You, Lord!  She has quite enjoyed getting to fill people in on details of this adventure.  :-)  She is quite the character that girl.  Bumps, bruises, scratches and owies in general are very common occurrences.  She recently learned to ride two wheels and that hasn't helped the number of mishaps.  She figured out a "stunt" the other day where she was riding under tree limbs and reaching up and grabbing the limb with both hands and letting the bike then carry on without her.  Daddy put a stop to that dangerous trick before it caused any injury!!!  Despite her adventuresome antics, she is not a tom-boy.  She is definitely a girl who also likes pretty dresses, tea parties, and babies.  And she is also becoming very capable of being a good helper to Mommy!  Clara also takes spiritual issues seriously.  Pray with us that the Lord Jesus Christ will be drawing her to Himself and that we will have His wisdom as we seek to guide her little heart to Him. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


 Sunday night, Clara slipped on some playground equipment and hit the metal deck of said equipment, busting the underside of her little chin quite severely.  She ended up with 8 stiches.  She is so precious in a scary situation.  She talks and talks and talks.  She talks about how scary this is, how she doesn't want stiches, how she's NEVER going back to that play equipment again, etc.!!!  We were about 40 min. out of town when this happened and it was a long drive in to the hospital.  She was pretty calmed down by then, and Stephen took her into the hospital and I took the boys home.  Daddy said she did really well with her stiches and all.  And guess what?!! The ER was empty and they were in and out in about 45 min.!

The next morning when Clara woke up she told me, "when I went to sleep I dreamed about Daddy going with me and all his love and care for me and I cried."  So precious!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hot then Cold

Last night Hil was wanting me to make it cooler in the house.  He informed me that he was "burning into a burning ice pack." 

Figure that one out!  :-)

And then, maybe 45 minutes later, when it started to rain outside, he wanted to build a fire.  :-)