Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Pary, Moving X 2, A Fort, Electric Cars, A New Building.........

 Well, we rolled in awhile ago from a great trip.  We took off early, last Thursday for a busy but fun excursion.  The first thing on the agenda was training for Stephen, which took place on Thursday in a town about two hours from us.  I really didn't know how the kids and I were going to spend the time while he was busy... but it worked out beautifully and we had such an enjoyable day!  Thank You, Lord!  Not far from where Stephen's meeting was, there was a lovely park that we spent quite a bit of time at.  While we were driving to the park, we noticed people unloading what appeared to be go-carts from trailers.  We stopped by afterward, and found there was a once-a-year electric car race going on.  The kidos really enjoyed watchin'. 

After lunch with Dad, the kids and I took a tour of the four buildings remaining of an 1800s military fort.  I had been a little dubious as to how interesting this would be... but ended really enjoying myself. 

Friday night we helped out with Heather's move... though honestly, so many people showed up to help from three different assemblies in the area... that we really weren't that necessary!  Thank You, Lord, again!


Saturday was the big party for Great-Grandma's 90th!!!  We got so see lots of family, some of whom I had never met before.

Here's Grandpa Ken with two of his Grandbabies!  Ittai and Clementine.

Cousin Hug!

The Seven Grandkidos!

These two are three weeks apart.  :-)

And here is the lady of the hour... on the right. 
Following the party we began the loading up of great-grandma's things, in preparation of her move out to our part of the state!  The packing was finished up the next day.  We were able to stop along the way home and see Daniel and Sarah's new building, which was a treat!

All in all, it was a full and enjoyable excursion. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can't Trust Those Aunts!

Hil was getting ready to go to Home Depot with his Daddy and picked out his tennis shoes to wear.  Daddy asked him wear his socks were.

Hilkiah " They're lost.  They're all lost."

Daddy: "They're lost?"

Hil: "Yeah, they're lost."

He repeated this line or variations there of multiple times, then moved on to:

"Somebody took all them.  Aunt Anna took all them."   :-)

That would be the "Aunt Anna" that lives half way across the COUNTRY from us and we haven't seen in about FIVE months!  Somehow I doubt she snitched any socks.  :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

 So, one of Hil's and Clara's new things is to pour straight lime juice into a spoon and drink it.  In this one instance Hil did about three or four spoons!  Adventurous kidos... with maybe just a touch of show-off.  :-)  Love the face in this next one.  This is right after downing the spoon in the first picture. 

And here is my toppling toddler playing outside after a good rain.  He's walking more and more and getting better... still plenty of topples.  And yes, he's wet.  He and his older siblings think water is just great. 

And here are two strange, adorable creatures that were tree climbing earlier today.

We sure love these gifts from God!

Monday, September 9, 2013

"Stealing" from the chickens!

This morning I fixed pancakes for the kids and myself.  Hil did his normal... and stuffed himself with them.  After they had finished, I sent Hil outside with three of the extra pancakes to give to the chickens.  Looking out the window a bit later, I saw him and big sis plopped down out back, both with pancakes in their hand.  It appeared they had both decided they could both handle eating some more!  :-)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Walking, Singing and Arican Bears

 On the move.  That's my little guy.  Always goin'.  Here he is on the bottom shelf of the changing table.  Love that boy.  And guess what?!  He's starting to walk.  Very unstable with arms extended out.   So cute. 

And now, here's my girl.  All dressed up and singing away!  Here she's singing the tune of "In Christ Alone" and using words she was coming up with as she went along. 

And my other boy.  Today was our first official day of "school" for the new year.  These bears are used with Saxon math.  When I put them on the table I asked the kids what they could tell me about them.  Hilkiah responded "They live in Africa".  :-)