Monday, April 21, 2014


It's going on a month since I last posted!  Have I ever been negligent! Let me share at least a few random snippets from around here.

I'm around 11-12 weeks pregnant, and very ready to be done feeling icky.  If this is like our other pregnancies, pretty soon here, the nausea should be going away... maybe a few more weeks. It will be worth it.   I'm due to have my next visit with the midwife later this week.

We got to see Daniel and Sarah and fam, this past Friday, and have a family lunch together.  Clara had such a grand time with the cousins that afterwards she was saying that if her family died she wanted to get adopted by the cousins.  :-)

Ittai has been fighting nasty flu or something the last several days.  Poor little trooper.

Hilkiah, though not yet four, can put food away.  Sometimes, it's almost like there are TWO men in the house to feed.  Several mornings back, he consumed a whole piece of toast and THREE fried eggs. 

And guess what?!  I'm learning to sew!  I, who fought the idea when I was younger, am now learning... and enjoying it.  I met a lady a while back who is giving me free lessons.  She has been so kind, and encouraging and I've really enjoyed our times together.  We are tackling a dress for Clara as our first project.

I'll leave it at that for now.  I'll TRY to be much more faithful with my posting!

The Lord Jesus Christ has been so good to us.  We are blessed!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


When we go to homeschool coop Hilkiah likes to hang out with Ittai and Mom in the nursery and not go to the preschool class.  A few times though, he has gone to class, and two of the last times he has used this technique to let his teacher know he's done. He informs her:  "I hear my Mom calling me." :-) 

The other night, after being put to bed, Hilkiah came to the doorway of his room and said in his cute little voice "Guys, I can't sleep really much."

Now for a Clara sweetness.  My big girl came up to me out of the blue the other day and said "I hope you don't divorce this baby."  Too precious!  The correct word would be "miscarry".  :-)

About a week ago, Grandma M. had explained to Clara how Grandpa's water jet works.  That evening Clara decided to explain the process to company.  It was more wordy, with things being repeated, etc., but here's the basics of the explanation:
"You mix up water and sand or maybe dirt. And you put metal there and squirt it and it cuts it.  And Grandma said you shouldn't put your finger there!"

Ittai has some verbal cuteness too.  Today, I told his big brother to say "sorry"  to another little kid, and little Ty starts saying "Sauy. Sauy."

Our packages are truly blessings from the Lord!  They bring us such joy, laughter and precious moments!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Blessing On the Way!

We were pleased to find out about a week and a half ago that we are expecting another Blessing!  Lord willing, we should be welcoming this one into the outside world in the time frame of November.  Dates are kind of shaky but we appear to be between 6 and 8 weeks along.  I saw a midwife this week and we got to have a sonogram, and she also picked up a good fast heartbeat!  Thank You, Lord! 

The midwife drew blood while I was there, and it took awhile to fill up the tube...and I'm not good with needles anyway, so I ALMOST passed out.  When I told Clara that I had almost fainted she asked calmly and matter-of-factly "you mean died?"  So, we explained to her what fainting is.  The next day, she was telling someone about what had happened and said "passing out is when you go to bed in the daytime."  Love that girl.

You can be thanking the Lord with us for this new Gift from Him and be praying that if it is His will we will be able to keep this new little one!

Monday, March 17, 2014


 Finally, some pics to share!  Most of these are from the special treat we got to have as a family on our trip, visiting the aquarium in Dallas! 
 This "slothful" fellow was not even in a cage.  Just perched up in a tree that you could walk around.  I guess they can do that because they move EXTREMELY slowly!  His little face was so cute.
 There's nothing to compare it too in this picture... but this croc was huge.

Checking out the river rays.

And here we are with the first manatee I have ever seen in real life.

Don't know what the little man was doing here.  :-)

I think this one is fun of the kids!  This was taken in the shark tunnel.  Photographing three kids is tricky enough... but then trying to catch a shark in the background....  :-)  Daddy did a good job!!

And hey, who needs an extra pillow to prop your legs on at night when you've got a little brother!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

We got back Tuesday evening from a big road trip!  It took in TX, OK, NM AZ, and CO.  It's been a while since we did something that big.  Stephen had a presentation in TX for work.  We stopped for a couple days to see friends in OK and go to a chapel there.  After TX, it was on to AZ, via NM.  We used to live in AZ and hadn't been back for a visit since we moved away, which was over 5 years ago.  The chapel there was having a Bible conference that weekend, so the timing was perfect!  After the conference ended, Sunday, we headed for home. 

It was a lot of hours in car seats for little people, but they did fairly well.  We definitely had some really rough sections, but there were other times where they did great!  It almost seemed like they improved as the trip went on... got accustomed to this "new thing" the family was doing... driving for hour after hour!  :-)  Once we get some pictures down loaded, I'll plan to post some.

The very last morning before we hit the road for the last leg home, the kids had watched a cartoon  about what it means to be frustrated and what to do about it when you feel that way.  That afternoon, Hil says from the back "I'm frustrated. I want to get home."  Then later on: "I'm sick."  I think we asked about what kind of sickness.  "I'm sick of all my frustrating things."  Got to love that boy!  He's been popping out a lot of cute quotes lately!  I think it might be the age!  I'll have to share more soon!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Couple Cutenesses

Today, while playing in the basement Clara informed me that she was going to have a lot to do at the office today.  A BIG pallet was coming.  And there were going to be thousands and thousands of Kanamak workers there to lift it.  Later I found out the pallet weighed 50 hundred pounds.  :-)

A couple nights back, we arrived at a restaurant for dinner and Hil asked if he could bring his blankie inside.  We said he could.  As we walked toward the door he was holding it behind his back to "hide it from the cookers."  :-)

Love those kidos!

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all the joy they bring us!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oldies But Goodies

 Out of focus... but cute!

The dear couple

The sweet folks again

                          I seem to remember sharing some water play pictures, back closer to when this happened... but here's another. 

So handsome.  And what a smile!
I looked through some pictures that we had downloaded from Stephen's phone a while back and snatched some to share.  They are old ones, but I figure, at least the long distance fam (and some of you friends too) will enjoy them.  :-)  The outdoors couldn't be much more different then it is right now!  We currently have snow, and the high today was suppose to be about 10!  Yes, that right, TEN degrees.  Not doing much out side.  :-)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

After the Trip

We went to Topeka this last weekend for a bible study/prayer time.  We got to see some good friends in Hutch, U. Dan and A. Sarah, and U. Win on the way back.  By the time we got home, most of my team couldn't hang. 

Truth be told, I wasn't far behind.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

And that's what little Ittai is for a few more days... "sweet sixteen"... sixteen MONTHS, that is!  :-)

We love that boy.  He been blossoming, learning and growing.  More and more words are making their way out of his little mouth.  Here's the list.

Pea  (please)


No  (of course)



Selah (yup, believe it or not.  More on that later.)

Cu  (which he sometimes says when you give him something... I think it may be "Thank You")


Da (for Dad)


Oh oh

It's funny how this can be your third child, you've watched two other kidos learn and develop, and yet it's still so exciting and fun to watch them do something new!!!  And you feel so thrilled and happy!!!

About the word "Selah".  We have a Bible memory song that the older kids and I had been learning awhile back.  It ends with the word "Selah", which means "stop and think about this."  We were doing hand motions with this song and for selah we would do a stop sign with our hand and then put our finger up to our heads for that common sign for "thinking".  Well a couple times in the last few days I seen saying something that sounds suspiciously like Selah and putting his little fingers up on his head.  Love it!!! 

The little fellow started off as a total Mommy's boy, but that has changed a lot in the last several months.  He now like his Daddy tons, and toddles off to see him when he gets home from work.  Daddy was greeted the other day with a "Hi Da."

Still not a solid night sleeper.  :-(  However, last night was a rare treat and he slept ALL night!

His wispy, blonde hair is getting longer and longer... and maybe a bit shaggy.  It seems to curl in the back.  And if he doesn't get it wet down and brushed, he has some serious bed-head issues!

He's starting to purposely be goofy and funny, which can sure be adorable and a crack-up.

And he's constantly on the move.  He likes to be held, but you better be moving or doing something, or he likely won't be content.  And he has this thing he does that can be a bit annoying.  He squirms to get down and then will sometimes decide IMMEDIATELY that he wants back up. 

When the big kids do school he likes to come up and point repeatedly at the page and make sounds like "ee, ee, ee, ee.", like he's doing letters too!!!

He also gets fussy during school time, so sometimes he ends up having to spend a little time shut up in the kids room.  Interestingly though, he'll cry for a bit and then quiet down as gets busy doing something in there.

We love that boy.  He's a sinner, like the rest of us... gets cranky and angry.  And like the other two we totally need the Lord's enabling to be able to raise Ittai in a way that glorifies His!!!

The little guy brings us such joy and we are so blessed to have him be a part of our little family!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's Beautiful!

"It's Beautiful!!!" has been the expression heard quite a few times out of Hilkiah's mouth.  There is something so incredibly precious about hearing a three year BOY exclaim "beautiful" while viewing a blooming flower!  We were given a video for Christmas called "God of Wonders", which does an excellent job of looking at various parts of the creation that surrounds us and explaining some of the unfathomable wonders and complexities of that creation. And the commentators again and again point out that all these incredible things we see around us should point us to our awesome Creator God and how infinitely greater He is then even His creation!  There is NO other possible way this amazing universe could have come to be! I recommend this video for everyone!

As we watched a section of the video last night about the complexity of plant life, many flowers were shown blooming.  Hilkiah exclaimed more then once about the "beautiful" flowers.  Once a rose was shown blooming and he said "I wish we could get one of those for you and Dad."  So precious. 

And at the store he and his sister were urging me to by a scented candle because they were so "beautiful"!!!  That was extra special because it wasn't a toy or candy they were asking for, but something more Mommy-ish. 

May our little boy grow up to be a godly, manly man, who also greatly enjoys God's beauty!

Thank You, Lord Jesus for Your incredibly beautiful creation and for the precious little man You have entrusted us with!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What A Dad

I was gone the other day and Daddy decided to give Ittai a horse back ride.  Apparently, the little guy was ready for his nap, 'cause he knocked out!  Thankfully, Clara was there and able to capture the cuteness!

Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Eat an Apple and Other Rants by the Husband

Please note the teaching session and natural desire for an apple kick in:


Next see what the after math brought about:

Ty got it down to about the size of an apricot...pretty good for a beginner!  :o)
I have been looking around for sewing machines.  Little did I know that it was like a trap for mechanical engineers.  I spent HOURS looking and studying and seeing what the Swiss, Japanese, Swedes, Italians, Germans, and red-blooded Americans hath wrought.  There are some beautiful machines out there!  100% mechanical except for the drive motor.  I was looking for free arm, zig zag with various widths, steel gears (think 50s-70s), cams with decorative stitches a plus, darning capability with DROP DOGS (learned what darning was!), solid reverse mechanism, nice light, and of course looks.  I came up with a list of dream models, so if you see any of these in Goodwill, snatch them up for me and I will pay you back.  
Husqvarna Viking Model 21 with attaching table - She's a beaute!
Bernina Model Record 730 - Masterpiece!
Singer 431G  (Made in Germany for an American Company.  Incidently, Singer stopped making sewing machines during WWII and made bomb parts.  Their factory in Germany did the same.....for the other guys.  At the end of the war, everyone went back to making sewing machines.  That's how I understand it, but it could all be an internet fable.)
Pfaff 139 (I can't even find a good picture), not free arm though.
Janome's comparable version (haven't figured out what that model is)  (New Home 270?)
Here's what darning is:
PRIT-ty handy.
If you have a wood stove that half sticks into your chimney where [little] people can roll random stuff out of eyesight really easily and thus exposing to 400F+, make sure you check that area before lighting up........yeah......for instance....for alkaline batteries.  By the way, we thank the Lord for firewood gifted to us!  Please bless the givers!
Reading Hudson Taylor as a family is good times.
Right now we are at 3:30 to poach an egg on the stove top.  Does all our other poaching friends concur with that time?
If we get more chickens I am probably going to go all out and get RI Reds.  Forget being Mr. Nice Guys...I want production!
"And I said, Let them set a fair mitre upon his head." Zech. 3:5   -Stephen

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thank You, Lord Jesus, For The Preciousness

Precious moments.  I wonder if at times, the Lord just mercifully lifts the blinders of stress, troubles, other thoughts, etc., and let's us just see the preciousness of a moment.  Like today, while we were driving to the zoo, Hilkiah excitedly exclaims "Mom! I saw a shark!".  I struck me, for how much longer will that little boy be excitedly telling Mom about a painting of a shark that he sees out the window?  These "little guy" days pass so quickly.  The thought made me kind of sad. 

Then tonight as I was doing this or that Hilkiah says "when you are done with those dishes, can you hold me and read a book."  Awwwww.  Melt. 

Lord, I need You so much!  I need your enabling to enjoy and treasure these dear little moments, but to also look forward to the future ones you may give, as my babies grow up!  I also need Your enabling to STOP and take the time to hold them and read a book!  Thank You, so much, Lord Jesus, for giving me these precious little ones!!!

And before I say good night, I must share a cute Clara moment from last week.  Hilkiah was noisily rattling a tin with crayons, when big sis stepped in and firmly told him "Hilkiah. That is too loud for peoples nerves."  :-) 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why No Pictures?

To the long distance Grandma and Grandpa, and aunties (and Uncles, to some degree :-) ), who like to see pictures as frequently as possible... for some reason our computer isn't wanting to talk to the camera.  :-(  I don't know what the problem is, but hopefully, we can get it resolved soon. 

Pictures or no pictures, we are well here.  The weather has been freezing the last few days, but I have a cozy house and a husband to fire up our woodstove, and my girl is getting big enough to offer to put more wood on the fire and even volunteered to go out and get another load of firewood.  And get it she did, though her pile was comprised of small, almost kindling size stuff.  Sweet girl.

Yesterday, we had two little boys with unhappy tummies and GI tracks.  The big boy vomited three times, and kindly did all of those before Daddy left for work in the morning.  What a HUGE blessing washers, driers, and tubs with running hot water are!!!  Can you imagine being a pioneer in the dead of winter with sick kids???!!!!

Though, Clara hasn't yet mastered all the letters and sounds of the alphabet, she is dong fairly well with that, and yesterday I decided to try her on sounding out REAL words: mat, rat, sat, etc.  At times, we were both frustrated, and at others we were both very pleased with her successes!  At her request, we did even more then I had been planning to!  And one of the very cute happening was that Hilkiah seemed rather tickled that Clara was "learning to read!"

The other day Clara popped out with the observation that "Artichoke starts with an 'R'".  She wasn't looking at the word, but just how it sounds.  I started explaining about the sound "R" makes and the sound "ar" makes.  But Hil's reaction to big sis's observation was just too sweet!!!  In a impressed, sincere, almost "big person" way he says "Good job, Yahyah!"  (Yahyah is his name for her)  The way he said it was just incredibly adorable.  The tone of voice was like "Wow!  That's really impressive that you figured that out!!!" 

Well, that'll be it for now.  I'll try to be back soon with more from 'round here!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Hilkiah-isms

A couple days ago, said to some friends who were over, and talking about his little brother:

"Don't look at him.  He's shy."


"My tummy has a headache inside."

At supper:

"Can I have some more cow."

And a bonus precious moment.

You break up fight after fight and tell your kidos over and over that they need to share with each other and need to include little brother, etc.  And then you see a precious moment when they are doing just that. 

We recently got a hand-me-down toy for racing two matchbox cars.  Last night Clara and Hil and two cars all set up to race down the little spiral tracks.  All that had to be done was push the little lever that gets them started.  And there they were, both urging Ittai to push the lever.  "Come on bubba.  You do it!  You do it!"  He just stood there looking at them as they urged.  So I helped him do their bidding. 

Thank You, Lord, for these dear moments!

Friday, November 1, 2013

We had forgotten to give an ice chest back to some friends.  Clara had informed me as we came chapel one day that she would remind me to give it to them.  As we were pulling away later that day, we realized that we had forgotten AGAIN!  Little Miss Organizer said something along these lines, with some distress in her voice  "Mom. We're both going to be so sorry for each other."  And then a bit later, "I guess we're not very good at this."

So sweet. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Few Moments

Some little people got themselves all set up, comfy and cozy in front of the first fire of the season.

 A girl and her new hat 

A design created by Miss Clara

Thursday, October 17, 2013

God's Facts, Not My Feelings

I have been so blessed on multiple occasions by the devotional, Streams In The Desert.  The other day was another one of those instances.  I was so in need of encouragement, strengthening, and this so touched me.  It is the devotion for September 26, but I stumbled upon it a couple days ago.  I wouldn't be surprised to find it was a God directed "stumble"!!!

"We walk by faith, not by appearance."  (2 Cor. 5:7,  R. V.)

"By faith, not appearance;  God never wants us to look at our feelings.  Self may want us to; and Satan may want us to.  But God wants us to face facts, not feelings; the facts of Christ and of His finished and perfect work for us.

When we face these precious facts, and believe them because God says they are facts, God will take care of our feelings.

God never gives feeling to enable us to trust Him;  God never gives feeling to encourage us to trust Him; God never gives feeling to show that we have already and utterly trusted Him.

God gives feeling only when He sees that we trust Him apart from all feeling, resting on his own Word, and on His own faithfulness to His promise.

Never until then can the feeling (which is from God) possibly come; and God will give the feeling in such a measure and at such a time as His love sees best for the individual case.

We must choose between facing toward our feelings and facing toward God's facts.  Our feelings may be as uncertain as the sea or the shifting sands.  God's facts are as certain as the Rock of Ages, even Christ Himself, who is the same yesterday, today and forever."

Streams In The Desert

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Amazing Seal!

Hilkiah was pretending to be a seal this morning.  Apparently, this particular breed can eat polar bears and alligators!  Who knew!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

These overalls were Hil's and I was thinking Ittai might be big enough to wear them now... or soon.  Well I tried them on him today... and thanks to the length of his torso, they are already on the small side for him.  I had to at least snap some pictures.  And somebody was in a very happy frame of mind during our photo session. :-)

And a fun one snapped by big sis!