Monday, July 20, 2015

A Sweet Girl

Our Little Ittai At The Park...

And Little Sis, Also At The Park

Would Someone PLEASE Put That Poor Baby Down For A Nap!!!

My Girls

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tirzah Love

Here are some fun snaps of the girl, taken a month or so back.  The little lady is going on 8 months already!  She is a handful and a joy.  A handful, in part, because she likes to be held quite a bit and there are times when she's squirming and fussing when you hold her and then you put her down and she cries.  :-/  And when you hold her she'd rather you didn't sit and rock her or something... she'd prefer you walk around or somehow keep things interesting. 

She's a joy because she's precious, and adorable, squeezable and has a great smile!!!  And though she can be fussy at times, she also has good long happy times. 

She eating a little solids and just cut her first tooth.  At about 6 1/2 month she started the "Marine Corps" crawl, and is now beginning the all fours crawl.  But the Marine version is faster.  :-) 

Her siblings think she's pretty special and good at making her smile and laugh.  The other day, one of them was saying they wanted another baby brother and baby sister! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015


We realized the other day that without planning it, the boys were dressed matching, so we had a little impromptu phone-photo-shoot.  We got a good variety - from goofy to down right sweet.  Hil's pose in the top one (above) reminds me of something his Daddy would do.  :-) 

We sure love those boys!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

 My Clara is looking so big and tall in this picture! 
 Sweet Fellow

Two Babies....
Three Babies  :-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

 More sister cuteness

My Three Bigs
We take the occasional stroll... and this was one of those.  :-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


We took a quick, one night trip this last weekend!  The kidos enjoyed this playground in the town we stayed in....  And the gorilla was quite impressive.  :-)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Man, I sure have been falling down on the blogging front!  Thanks for the forgiveness!  :-)   The silence doesn't mean nothing has been happening!  And I definitely have been snapping pictures along the way!  I just unloaded a whole bunch of them from my camera... so stay tuned for a string of posts.  :-)  But this is a blog, so maybe I should include some words and not JUST pictures.  So, what have we been up to lately?

Well, my days are full of little people as usual, and the challenges, frustrations and the trilling joys of caring for these precious ones.  Tirzah is now 6 months!  She is getting so adorable.  Her big, gummy smiles are precious.  She loves to be held and walked around and have activity.  Her siblings are the best at making her laugh, and they like her a lot!!!  Clara and Hil were enjoying playing with Tirzy this morning and Clara was talking about how cute she was thanked me for Tirzah.  So precious. 

No teeth yet... and those gummy grins are just way to cute!!  :-)

The adorable hat she was given as a gift.... she figured out pretty quickly how to pull it off.
 Our little peanut, Ittai is growing and blossoming.  He has suddenly been showing a love for singing.  A couple months ago he was singing one line of Jesus Loves Me.  Now he has an every growing repertoire of songs he will voluntarily start singing: Sing Hosanna, Jesus Loves Me, I'm in the Lord's Army, We Wish You  A Merry Christmas, Twinkle Twinkle, Bless The Lord Oh My Soul.  We love it!  Still loves his pacies.  Mommy hasn't tackled potty training yet... but I think the time may not be very far away.  Loves his Daddy. 

Brother Sweetness.  I think they had decided to watch for Daddy... not realizing that it was still an hour or so before Daddy normally get's home.

Another happening around here has been a new batch of baby chicks.  Very fun for little people, though very messy and more work for Mom and Dad.  :-)  Sometimes I wonder if the chicken thing is something I want to keep doing.  But for now, we are. 

The last while, Clara has been having track practices with our homeschool group.  The meet was yesterday, so that is all done for this year.  Here are the two boys playing around at one of her practices. 

Messing around at her meet yesterday.

And here is the girl during prep for the relay.  :-) 
More coming soon, Lord willing....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Family Pics Just for Fun

 This is our formal pic.  Gracie picked out all of the outfits.

 This is our fun informal pic.  It was the hardest to get.  The photographer had to photo shop 4 pictures together just to get everyone to smile and look at the camera.  I am so glad they can do that now. 

 This workout session is inspired by Vladimir Putin.  Ruuuusian  Power!  The photographer got a little carried away and photoshopped some guns onto Ty.

This is a tea time themed shot.  I love my girls!  By the way, the bear is a boy, but he fits in very nicely to all social events, we thought it was OK.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ok, back with a few more snaps, of our busy, blessed life.  

The next two pictures are good examples of life with little people.  :-)  There the times when it is just plain old messy, challenging and overwhelming.  And then...

... there are the times when those little people are just too adorable and beautiful!  The Lord is so good to mix in great joy with the challenges.

Here's my big pacie fan.  :-)  He likes to walk around with an extra at times.  This time he had a total of four.  :)  Nice to be able to swap out the current one for a fresh one.  :-)

Few days ago, after quiet time, Clara and I could NOT find Hilkiah.  After looking around inside the house we went looking and calling around the house.  No success.  We went back in to look some more and discovered him asleep, under the boys bunk bed.  :-)

What a four year old can look like after having fun helping in the kitchen.

 Cinnamon rolls!