Friday, November 28, 2008

Please Explain...

Please explain, if you can, why even with a little one who cannot yet crawl, our home can get so quickly strewn with baby clothes, blankets, toys, books, etc.!!!! It's something else! Oh, well, these messes are quickly picked up... it's the messes of later years that are harder to clean up... the pen on the wall, the broken vase, the broken hearts! And that little three toothed grin and pudgy hands and feet make it worth it anyway!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

California Girl, Turned Desert Rat, Turning Southern Belle! :-)

That's my life in a nut shell! :-) Well, I guess that's an over simplification... :-)

Stephen is giving me a "baby break" right now! We are living in corporate housing at the moment and I can get on the computer here at the "business center" but that pretty much means taking Clara with me when I go, which isn't too conducive to doing much on the computer. You hear a fair amount of this sort of thing "Here, try playing with these keys."... "Just a second. Mamma's almost done." You get the idea. Our computer times generally don't last that long! So, my wonderful hubby has Clara at the apartment and now is my chance to do some stuff without keeping an eye on a little one at the same time!

We had a fabulous trip out here...staying with friends and family all along the way! Thank you again everyone, for all the great times! Clara traveled very well, which was such a blessing!

Stephen's first week of work went quite well. He shows up at 7:30 and gets off at 4! Nice! So far, he's mostly been getting oriented, set up, etc.

Clara and I are both sick. Poor thing. You should hear her horrible little cough! She still has quite a bit of energy though and seems to be doing ok anyway.

On Wednesday we visited the chapel we will probably end up attending. The people were very welcoming. One lady gave me her contact information and the next day she invited Clara and I out to pizza with her and her four kids! We had a very nice time! She's new to the area as well... been here for about 4 months...Her husband is in the Air force. She has invited us to join them for Thanksgiving! I think she'll be a good friend!

We're settled comfortably into our apartment. You can be praying with us that our house in Phoenix gets leased out, Lord willing, and that the Lord would lead us to the right home here.

Friday, November 7, 2008


The rest of the world is COLD!!! I've become a desert rat! It's down right chilly here! However, it's nice and sunny and Stephen and I were able to bundle up and go for a walk today, which was very enjoyable. We walked around the near by cemetary and looked at tomb stones...some might consider that too morbid, but we had a rather nice time. :-) Clara stayed with Mom M. Stephen and Mom have done outdoor jobs yesterday and today.

We're planning to take off sometime tomorrow and stay with some friends of Stephen's. Then Sunday we're planning to head to Daniel and Sarah's. It'll be so fun to see them and introduce the cousins to each other! We're hoping to see David and Heather as well!!!

Tuesday we're planning to make it to the Servens and Wednesday to Stephen's friends Josh and Mars! Then it's on to the Browns who are only about an hour away from where we're headed! We'll probably be settling into our new temporary home on Saturday the 15th, Lord willing. Stephen's confirmed start date is the 17th.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

On Our Way!!!!

Well, the adventure has begun! The movers came last Saturday and started packing us up! By Sunday evening they were just about finished and on Monday they loaded the truck and took off. Over the weekend our friends Marilena and Julio openned their home for us to stay there while our house was being packed up. During the days we were at home working and then we would head over to their house. Marilena fed us royally! Thanks Marilena!!!! And we had super times sitting around chatting, making smores, watching a video and playing a fiesty game of squence...boys against girls! And the girls rocked!!!!! 3 to 1!!!! Yee Haw!!!! On Monday, Marilena watched Clara for us so we could work harder at the house and get some final things done! What a help that was! Then we loaded up the car, said goodbye to our dear friends :-(, and started off.

The first leg of our trip went very well. Stephen and I shared the driving, although he did the lion's share of it. We made it to New Mexico and stayed with some very kind friends. Next morning we took off just after 7:30 and made it to Kansas. We were in four states in one day! New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Clara did quite well both days!!! We're now with Mom and Dad M.! Great to see them!!! We'll probably be here for a couple days and then head up to see Daniel and Sarah!

Thank you for all your prayers as we travel!