Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not Dead...

...just moved!  We are now Kansans, folks!  We are happy to be back in Stephen's home state and getting settled in!!! 

We got here middle of last month and are settled in at home to a functional level.  We've reached that level where you  don't really HAVE to keep doing more.... so the motivation hasn't been there to keep unpacking, etc., like I could.  :-/ 

Leaving was bittersweet.  We were happy to be moving to KS and looking forward to being close to some of our family.  But we also had friends we were leaving behind who had been so good to us!  We were so blessed to get to know them and be part of their lives during this last year and a half!  You all stay in touch now, you hear???!!!!!  :-)

The kids have been enjoying having a super yard to play in, fun times at Grandma and Grandpa's, the excitement of a new kitty (who really hasn't been that much fun just yet, because she is extremely scared of us and just wants to hide), and yesterday they even got to experience the MASIVE city pool! 

We've been very blessed to have already found a church that looks like it is going to be a good fit for us and may be what the Lord has for us right now!  Thank You, Lord!

Stephen is very happy with his new job.  He's got a great boss.  :-)  And one of the things the rest of the family has been enjoying is that work is only about 7 minutes away, so he can come home sometimes and spend his lunch break with us!

Well, that is all for this quick update!  I'll try to post pictures soon, and now that we're settled in, be back to regular posting.