Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Plumbers and a Doctor

Well, that's what happened today...plumbers and a doctor. We got a really bad case of backed up plumbing in both of our know, the kind where you run the washing machine and it comes up in the toilet and bathtub...nasty! Well, Stephen found a company that was willing to come out almost right away and they dealt with it pretty quickly.

Then, we had our OB doctor visit, which went pretty well. One of the things that happened was that we got to hear baby's heartbeat again! This was Stephen's first time to hear it! It sounded good to the doctor...I wouldn't have much of a clue regarding what was a good heartbeat and what wasn't. Our next visit was scheduled as well as an ultrasound in December, at which time, Lord willing, we'll be finding out if it's a boy or girl! Yes, I know, there are those of you out there who are saying "NOOOOOO don't do that! Make it a surprise!" Well, if you REALLY want to be surprised maybe we can put you on a "Please Don't Tell Me If It's A Boy Or Girl" list. Just let me know! :-)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nice Day For A Walk

Awwwwwww! Don't I have the funniest and sweetest husband???!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, see his post below. Sorry to break this to all you ladies out there looking for Mr. Wonderful... you're not going to find him...because I have him!!!! :-) Ok, ok, ok so there are some other good guys out there...but they're not quite like my guy! :-)

Well, today was a nice day for a walk! Still a little on the warm side, but not too bad. I got to go to a park I'd never been to and walk with two of my new friends from Moms club. The trail we were on was nice and big and paved...good for strollers, which both of them had. I'm not quite at that point but, Lord willing, I will be in about 6 months. We had a walk and then sat in a picnic area, had the lunches we'd packed and chatted. Anyone know how good a cheese and tomato sandwich tastes after not eating for a while and a walk? Really yummy!!! My Dad and I are both sort of cheese and tomato sandwich fans. :-) And don't forget the garlic salt on the tomatoes! It was a beautiful day for sitting the shade. And how great to have two nice, interesting, neat new friends!

Tomorrow we have our next appointment with the OB/GYN. Hopefully, it will go really well!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Stephen in Stephen & Gracie

Hi, This is my first official post to our blog. According to the IRS, I am the head of household, but sometimes I wonder. I have learned much in the last 9 months of marriage and I am already planning my counselling sessions for the near future to show the millions of young men who read my blog exactly what life is like within a marriage covenant. I have many other things to say as well.

First of all, if you are one of the individuals that reads our blog everyday (as some fan(s) have reported) then you must post your comments. A blog without comments is more like a blah. I am also ordering everyone who reads this blog to vote for Mike Huckabee for President because he has wise views on protecting life, fighting war with honor, belief in God and not being ashamed to admit it, he's capable, he's funny, and because I said so; especially you hippies in California (I use the term hippies in the most affectionate manner).

The Momma of the household is doing well. She walked a lot today doing errands. She has been in a ornery, cantankerous mood lately. I have decided that it's probably the prenatal pills that are doing this. Heirgo, reread my second sentence. I love her madly. My favorite things about her is that she's the prettiest little thang in the world (esp. in pink!) and she can melt my heart in a second, and she knows it. She is smart and has the wittiest comebacks, sometimes at my expense, but for some reason I like it when she does that. She respects me even when I don't deserve it. She cares for me and does thankless jobs without complaining (Thank you for all you do, Gracie!), and she will be the bestest mom ever!

Good night for now, America!

Father to be

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The House!!!

Ok, all you many friends and family who we have not yet had the privilege of hosting at our new home, you might like getting a bit of an idea of what our house looks like. Come see it for yourself some time!

1. Master Bedroom
2. Living Room
3. Kitchen
4. Dining area with an open area and then the other side of the living room (then was shown in the other picture) in the background.
5. Guest Bedroom (sorry it's such a dark picture. It will look much brighter when you come visit us and stay in it :-) )
6. Guest Bathroom

Last Several Days

Well, hello again! We had a pretty full weekend here with some friends staying for most of the weekend, another friend joining us for breakfast on Sunday and then a fellowship luncheon at the chapel.

We've been thinking of our friends in the San Diego area in light of the devastating fires that they are having. Last we heard, there had been no loss of property for those we know at the chapel there. But, they would likely appreciate your prayers.

I had fun at drawing class yesterday...I usually do. Drawing was never something I really got into, but having this class that actually MAKES me do it, has been an enjoyable experience. The last three weeks we've worked on aspects of portraits, and that's been one of my favorite things to do. It would be neat to get to the point of being able to do people I know really well!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Night

Last night was mid-week Bible study at the chapel and we had a special treat this week. We had a couple men visiting from I.N. Network (formerly "International Needs"). One of them is a from Egypt and he has been in full time ministry over there for about the last 20 years. He had an impressive testimony. As a six year old boy he was standing next to his father, a pastor in Egypt, when his father was shot to death by Islamic extremists. He grew up with a great deal of hatred and unforgiveness in his heart and, as a child, his dream was to one day get a gun and go back and shoot the people who had killed his father. However, at age 11 he accepted the LORD Jesus and was completely changed by Him. Years later, he came back to that same village and started a Bible school. He told us a lot about the state of the country and the ministry he does, which includes a great deal of teaching and training of other pastors. Should Nathan, with I.N. Network, visit your church or one in the area during his time in the states, do take the opportunity to hear him speak!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More About Baby

Ok, more now about the newest member of the family. As I already mentioned, junior is due around May 7th, which puts us now at 11 weeks. I got to go have an ultrasound on the 10th of this month, which was special! It was neat to see our little one's head, body, arm and leg! We could also see and hear the heart beating. Unfortunately, Daddy Stephen wasn't there, but at Bible study that night he handed around a picture I was given from the ultrasound. I then framed it for the proud Daddy and he has it on his desk at work! Also, should you be in the homes of either of our parents over the course of the next months, they might just be willing to give you a look at their shot. :-) I was told by the lady who did the ultrasound that at this stage everything looked good and the heart beat was normal! Thank You, Lord!!!

I haven't seemed to be hit too hard with morning sickness. It has not been completely smooth, but I'm up and around and it's not too bad. A big key seems to be not letting my stomach get too empty.

Have we worked on names at all? Yes, indeed we have!!! And we currently have a first and middle name for a boy that we are seriously considering. However, when it comes to girl names we pretty much have a blank page. Feel free to pass on any good ideas!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Couple More Wedding Pictures

Wedding Pictures

I know this is rather old news, but maybe there are some of you who were not at the wedding and would like to see a few pictures...or maybe even those of you who were, but haven't seen pictures yet!

The VERY first post!

Hello everyone! I, Gracie, thought it would be fun to have a blog. I ran the idea past Stephen and here we are! Our sister-in-law, Sarah, kind of helped start the trend! Thanks, Sarah!!! I enjoy getting on her blog and checking out the latest from their little clan.

If any of you have been wondering if we are still alive...yes, indeed we are! For those of you who don't know, we were married on January 6th, 2007. Right after the honeymoon we moved out of state because of a job opportunity for Stephen. That job didn't turn out to be a great situation, but the Lord has provided us with a new one that is MUCH better!!! Stephen reached his 90 day mark with the new company yesterday.

I have been able to stay home and be a homemaker. The Lord has provided us with a lovely home of which I get to be the keeper! Besides house work, some of the things I've become involved with are a little gardening, an excercise class (consistent excercise is NOT one of my strengths), a drawing class, which I've quite enjoyed, a mom's club, and a craft club. And for those of you who are wondering why on earth I would join a mom's club, let's just say that one of the other things I've been involved with lately is dealing with a little bit of morning sickness! :-) Our little blessing is due to make his / her arrival into the outside world around the 7th of May.

We have a chapel fellowship that has been very kind and welcoming to us. Stephen has become pretty involved with speaking occasionally, taking turns leading Bible study and he recently agreed to help organize the Sunday school program.

Well, hopefully, this will prove to be a good way of keeping many of our friends and family updated on the news of our little family and also to hear from some of you as well!