Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Early Valentines Day!

This year I got treated to an early Valentines day gift! Yesterday, Stephen and I had a mid-day appointment to be at, so Stephen surprised me and took the whole day off and made it our early Valentines day! He didn't tell me till that morning when it was already past the time he should have left and he hadn't even started to get ready yet!!! He apparently was hoping for more drama in my resonse (like maybe saying "Oh, no! We better hurry!" And scurrying to get up and get his lunch) when he told me what time it was...but I was dreadfully calm. :-) I guess he didn't marry a very dramatic lady. :-) However, it was a VERY nice surprise! He made me breakfast and later in the day took me shopping for more maternity clothes and took me out to dinner! What a dear!

Do you know what? This is our first Valentines Day to actually spend together in person...ever! Two years ago, which would have been right before we started officially courting, he was in Iraq...but he still sent me a really sweet valentines card! And last year, which was very shortly after we got married, his company sent him to an out of town project. So this is our first one to spend together!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hint of Mint

Well, it was a fairly event full weekend here. We had some friends over for supper on Friday, after which us ladies and their three little kids stayed here and the two guys went and did some work on a little remodel project at the chapel.

Saturday we had an unexpected power outage for quite a bit of the day, which led to me getting to have a nice lunch out with my hubby! We took a walk and later on in the afternoon we did a run to Home Depot and, among other things, got some paint for the living room and Clara's room! We also did a grocery trip.

As far as paint goes, we got a really pretty, light, bright green (called "Hint of Mint" or something like that) for Clara's room. I would like to stencil some roses over the doors and window in her room. I figure that will be girly, but not too hard to change, should it one day become "Stevie Junior's" room! :-) We are probably going to use some of the same green on parts of the living area as well as some light pink.

Today we were at the chapel and afterward got to go to the home of the friends we'd had over on Friday. There was a good size group of us there and we had a nice time. Little Miss Clara seemed to have quite an active day today, which is fun! :-) It's also can be kind of distracting when she decides to start moving during communion service! :-) Maybe she likes the singing! :-)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Praise and Worship

Here are some neat thoughts on praise and worship that I came across in the book I've been reading, "A Place of Quiet Rest". Oh, that I would really grasp these truths and make praise and worship the parts of my life that they should be!

"Praise demonstrates faith that God is bigger and greater than any circumstance we may be facing."
- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"Worship lifts our focus off of man and the circumstances of life and puts it on God, who rules over every circumstance. It causes us to turn our attention to heaven and the eternal, giving us sweet relief from earth and the temporal.
Oh, beloved, worship is an essential element in your quiet time alone with God if you want to experience the abundance of life and peace that is the birthright of every child of God, for it puts everything into proper perspective as you acknowledge Him."
- Kay Arthur

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Tuesday!

Don't forget to get out and vote today...those of you who's states have elections today!

Ok, for a little of what's been happening around here. Sunday evening through Monday morning we had a house full! Some friends of ours where in town and they, along with their 9 kids and 2 nephews, spent the night here. I'll have to say, if you are going to have a family with eleven kids stay at your house, this is one of the best ones to have! The kids are very helpful, some of them extremely so, and quite well behaved!

Yesterday was art class. I got some excercise walking there and then got a ride home. The ride was nice seeing as it was cold and raining out! We currently are loaning out our car to a friend of Stephen's from work who was in an accident last week. In class we did a waterfall...not as easy as it might sound. It was difficult for me, anyway, and I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out. Oh well.

Stephen is scheduled to do Bible study tomorrow night. He's just starting a series on Romans. He would likely appreciate your prayers as he prepares!

I'm getting bigger and bigger and I've being getting a little more uncomfortable and it's a little harder to move, but not too bad yet! If I figured it correctly today, I think we're at about 27 weeks! And I understand the little lady may weigh 2+ pounds!

Friday, February 1, 2008


We did it! We actually surprised Stephen with a party! I invited some friends over for a birthday party this evening and we managed to keep him from finding out! We ended up with a house full...15, including us. Two of our guests, Uncle Everett and Aunt Louise, hadn't even known about the party, but came by to drop off some things and ended up getting to be part of the first surprise group! It's so great to have friends who were ready to go along with my crazy idea! :-)

To my dear husband, Stephen: "Happy 28th Birthday! I love you! And thanks for being the incredible husband that you are!"