Friday, September 26, 2014

Waking Up...

... Need I Say More? :-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Breaking News...

A precious girl lost her first tooth last night and here she is the next morning showing off the fine gap.  :-)  She's growing up folks!!!

In other news, her Mommy continues to get rounder and rounder.  :-)  Baby is quite active, which is fun.  Depending which dates you go with, I could be as far along as 36 1/2 weeks.  We had been saying I was due beginning of November, but my original date had been sooner then that, and at my last check up my measurements indicated that those earlier dates might not be so far off.  We shall see.  The Lord knows when this little one will make his or her appearance.  Hilkiah told me the other day that he can't wait for the baby to get here.  And Clara often bestows hugs and kisses on Mommy's tummy.  The other day they got to help go through the bin of baby girl clothes, to have stuff picked out and ready for when baby arrives (we've got blues, neutrals and pinks ready to go).  Clara and Hil had a blast.  It was so sweet to hear Hil carrying on about how "cute!" the little outfits were!  :-)

Some very kind friends threw a baby shower for me the other day.  Here are just a couple pictures.  In this first picture we are playing the game where they all had to guess how round I was and then rip off toilet paper to the length they thought.  Oh, and yes, I'm wearing a tiara...not my normal accessory... guess you could say it was "inflicted" on me.  :-)
Clara and the dear friend who made the lovely cake for me!  The cake was so pretty AND delicious!  I love the excited expression on Clara's face.  It was so special to have her along at the shower.  She enjoyed being part of the gift opening and getting to hand me gifts and hop up and down and clap as I pulled out the treasures!  :-)  The shower was lovely and our friends really blessed us.

Monday, September 15, 2014

 Ice cream party.  :-)

 A fun little guy!  Ittai is just going through this absolutely precious and adorable stage of life right now.  He can just melt a Mommy and Daddy heart.  And he is becoming quite the funny little fellow and catching on to the idea of making people laugh.  :-)  He also likes drama.  The other day he accidentally crashed on his little car.  He then decided that was pretty neat and proceeded to have some careful, on purpose crashes.  I saw him carefully, and gingerly "fall" over the handlebars and then after a bit he pulled the car over on himself.  :-)
 Another ice cream party shot.

A cute train or tandem bike invention, that happened recently.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Few Sweet Moments

 On a Road Trip

 A Chilly Day In July

One Morning Awhile Back, We Discovered This Cute Little Turtle
One of our trikes has the perfect spot for giving rides to little creatures.  :-)