Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Another adventure we went on when Grandma M. was here was an outing to a little splash area at a shopping mall. Clara seemed to find the sprinklers a little overwhelming as they were rather large and were constantly going off and on and were rather unpredictable for a little one. However, she did do some playing and I managed to get some great pictures before she quit.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Adventures Of Little Rascal

Today, my precious little rascally explorer decided pulling her clothes off the shelf and playing with them would be fun.

Of course, how upset could YOU get with that cuteness??? There were not such cute smiles though when it came time to help clean up the mess! After picking up about two articles of clothing rather willingly, it turned into a rather unpleasant battle. Why is making the mess almost always sooooo much more fun???

Earlier in the day we made our second trip to the SPCA and visited the animals.

We spent some time looking at the cats and dogs inside. Clara was quite interested! She really likes animals! Then we headed out to the little petting zoo.

Doesn't seem to be having a nice time at all! :-) Blow this one up and look at her face!

And of course, the rocks were just about as much fun as the food machines and animals! :-)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Big Sis!

We've been using this adorable t-shirt to share our wonderful news... and I thought we'd also use it to share it with you, all our blog-reading friends and family!

Please join us in thanking and praising the Lord Jesus for the precious new little life!!! We're in the very early first stages and probably due around early May! My Dad already want to know what we're going to call HER!!! :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lots Of Memories

On Friday we said goodbye to Mom M. after a very nice visit! She was such a blessing and help, particularly during my early wisdom tooth extraction time. Thank you, Mom!

We were able to have a lot of fun times too! On the Saturday following my extraction, I was doing well enough to go out and about and we did some exploring.

First of all we spent quite a bit of time visiting the Mariners Museum. Here are a few shots from there:

The next several pictures were taken aboard the replica of the iron-clad "Monitor".

The chipmunk. :-)

Us. And, at that point, I was still suffering from "chipmunk-face", due to having my wisdom teeth out.

After our museum adventure, we took in a yummy fish super!

Of course, somebody enjoyed herself. Really, we all did!

After our fish supper we popped in at some friends' house to get some tape. "Why?" you may ask. Because something had happened to our bumper and it looked like it was heading toward completely coming off! Our friends, as usual, were wonderful and welcomed us right in... and probably would have fed us supper too, if we hadn't just eaten! After a quick visit and a tape-fix-it job on the car, we headed off on the next adventure: visiting a beach we hadn't been to yet.

I love this one!

We headed down to the water and decided to give Clara some water time. This was Stephen's first time to see her at the beach... and he was on "life-guard duty". And the little girl gave her Daddy a good introduction. She was in true form!


Click on these next two to blow them up and check out the expressions on the little girl's face!!!

Our brave (or is it clueless) little girl would just go marching off into deeper water and would have been bobbing in no time, but for her Daddy's rescue missions....

Wet and cold! But somebody had sure had a good time!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Adventurous Day Continues!

After the children's museum and meeting Stephen for lunch (both of which I shared about in the last post), we headed off on yet another adventure! This time, Grandma treated us ladies to a trip to the botanic garden! I was quite impressed! We mostly just saw the rose garden, children's garden and butterfly exhibit, and whatever we came across going to those places, so we only took in a part of the whole place. It was lovely! Unfortunately, my camera was already out of battery and Mom M.'s ran out while we were there, but not before she captured some super pictures! Enjoy!

Looking over the rose garden with Grandma.

Somebody enjoyed chasing geese!

A visit to the botanic garden had been out there as a possibility during Mom M.'s visit, but what finally made us decide to go was that it got cloudy (which means a little cooler) and we heard they had a splash area!!! Sure enough, they did! It was in the children's park section, and Clara thought it was great! Near the end of the time we spent in that area she got brave enough to run through the sprinklers, but until then, she was mostly interested in drinking out of them! I was truly impressed with the children's section. It was fabulous!