Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is there any other word to describe a world covered in fresh snow then simply... beautiful! I've sure been enjoying it!

The poor little muffin is still pretty miserable. Still fighting a fever and dealing with a cough and very runny nose. The two of us stayed home from chapel. I set her down on the couch this morning at one point, to see if I could get some things done and she'd be content to just lie there. She was very quiet and when I checked on her shortly there after, this is what she looked like.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yay! More snow! It started in the wee hours of the morning and snowed for most of the day. The picture was taken this morning, so a fair amount came since then. Just a guess... but we're thinking maybe about 3 inches total. Been so fun to look out there through out the day and see it coming down and building up!

Clara and I stayed in all day and I just enjoyed looking at it. Daddy went out and made up a little time at work. When he got home he brought in a little hand full of snow and Clara backed away from it... didn't even want to touch the stuff! :-) I guess maybe it's just as well, as she's pretty sick right now and hours of play in the snow (as she would probably want if she were a little older), might not be the best thing at the moment!

The little lady has been super cranky today. She came down sick a day or two ago and has a cough and her little nose is running a mile a minute. :-(

I was going to up-load some pictures of Clara doing her new favorite thing, but the site had some problem with the files....? So, I guess I'll just have to tell you about it. Clara has been REALLY enjoying "helping" at the kitchen sink! She stands there on the chair and works away with the dishes and water, moving them here and there and using the sponge or rag some, and generally making a mess and being very UN-HELPFUL, but very cute. She calls this very fun activity "hepah" her way of saying "helper". :-)

Monday, January 25, 2010


As has probably been mentioned AT LEAST once on this blog, Clara REALLY likes pasta! It's a major favorite right now! Makes it nice that both of her parents also GREATLY enjoy it! :-)

Here are a few fun pictures from the other night, when she was having a before-bed-time snack of leftover pasta.

Friday, January 22, 2010

How To Run The Show When You Hardly Know How To Talk

Yesterday, Claires and I were sitting around not doing much. It was late afternoon and she'd been up from her nap for a little while. Suddenly, she decided it was time to put on her shoes that were sitting in the living room. It became a combination of letting Mommy help at some points and at some points insisting on doing it herself, and then getting frustrated when things weren't working out to well. Finally, they were on.

She then proceeded to pull off Mommy's slippers, followed by marching to Mommy's room saying "shoe, shoe, shoe...".

The little lady came back bringing me my shoes! So, I put them on.

The thus far, successful activities director then went and stood by the front door.

Ok fine.

Mommy gets out jackets and hats and we bundle up against the cold and exit out the front door.

Little muffin marches to the car. Might I add that it's cold and drizzling out.

"Ok" says Mommy, "let's go get the keys". So, in we go, get the keys and come back out.

The door is opened and a little girl, who GREATLY ENJOYS driving the car is placed in the driver's seat. Mommy gets in the passenger's seat (where she has sort of already been for this whole scenario), turns on the car, puts on the parking brake and turns on the heater. And so we spent the next several minutes of our day, with a little girl enjoying her ability to turn on the windshield wipers and blinkers, and steer a parked car, and general clambering about and exploring.

And there you have it folks. That's how you run the show even if you are just learning how to talk!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Day

Daddy was home!!!! All day!!!! Stephen gets Martin Luther King Jr. day off, so we got the treat of a long weekend with our wonderful Daddy and Hubby!

Stephen fixed breakfast for his ladies and we took a morning walk. It has been warming up around here the last several days, so Stephen was able to do some outdoor work. Clara had a BLAST being outside and "helping" spread Daddy's tools around, sticking her little fingers in the caulking he was working with at one point, and generally making a cute, little un-helpful helper out of herself!

We had a laid back afternoon and shortly before supper time, made a run to Office Depot to get some stuff. Supper was Hot Italian Sausage sandwiches! Way yummy! Clara DEVOURED the broccoli we had with it! She really likes that stuff, which is great, seeing as that's about the only vegetable she thinks much of! :-) It was a special day!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What A Day!

So, what would you have if you started with a goose egg, added a chicken carcas and then topped it all off with Cool Whip???

You'd have an adventurous day in the life of Clara! Here is a brief account of some of yesterday's experiences.

Well, it started off with a happy little girl bouncing around on Mommy and Daddy's bed. Many painful experiences in the lives of little ones have started that way! This little girl decided to flop herself, tummy down, onto the bed. The comforter was covering up the footboard... so she didn't see it, and her poor little forehead nailed it very hard! I was right there and scooped her up. By the time I took the first look at the forehead she had a spot that was already VERY blue and it looked kind of dented in. Needless to say, the Mamma got worried and started thinking about Urgent Care. However, after a call to the cool, calm and collected Daddy, it was decided to wait and watch her and she how she did. She got a pretty good goose egg... but seems to be quite alright!

Well, the day moved on and supper rolled around... much later then expected, as my first attempt at cooking cornish game hens took MUCH longer then I thought it was suppose to! Clara, up to this point has always been given chicken that was off the bone. But not last night! Daddy gave her a little drum stick and part of a thigh and the little girl discovered the fun of eating chicken off the bone! And after that, handing her a piece of plain old chicken wasn't quite good enough... so she got a good bunch of bones to work on! She spent quite some time and effort on these!!!!

And then she got to top it all of off with one of her favorite treats! Cool whip! At times she could almost care less about whatever we're having it with!

So precious!

What a day! And thank You, Lord Jesus, that the injury wasn't worse!

Monday, January 11, 2010

More Christmas Memories!



... or was that...

... cousins???!!!! :-)

Tea party!!!!

Father - Daughter Tea!

Grandparent and their grandkidos!

Gigi and Uncle David

Oh boy! Clara LOVES her tea set from Phinn and Gigi!!!

The Cousin's Photo Session! Maybe in a year or so, we'll have everyone smiling! :-)

Cousin tea party

The brothers boxing... wii style!!!

Mom and Dad enjoying the brotherly "battle"! :-)

And, oh boy, what fun was had with the "box wagon"!!!!! Even Mama took a turn pulling it and it was so fun to hear a little girl back there having a good time!

Lookin' happy!

Grandma come up with SUPER idea for little girl activities!

And on the way home, fun was had on the airport chairs!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Humane Snap

This is Stephen: Flash back 6 days ago-- Our house had been overrun by mice in the two short weeks we were gone over vacation. The name I want to call them is not nice at all. The little scheming rodents of small size and gestation had a Class A party in my house, in my kitchen, and even in my bed while I was gone. They immediately signed their death warrants. I asked my dear wife to buy the old fashioned snap mouse traps. I was "a goin' a huntin'!" I specifically stated that I didn't want the "humane" sticky pads. Gracie got the snap traps. We killed some of the nasty vermin. I wanted some more traps. Gracie got addition to some sticky pads. Asked what the sticky pads were for. She said they were good for cockroaches too. So I strugged my shoulders and set the snap traps. We killed more mice. Gracie called me at work today. She wanted me to come home in a half playful, half serious way. I asked what was the problem (pipe freeze maybe?). A very funny conversation followed.

My dear wife stated that a mouse had been stuck to one of the sticky pads and that it was, "still moving." I asked if the victim was crying, she replied that it was "mostly just lying there." I thought it could have waited, but it would be better for her to put it out of its misery.....but how? I notified Gracie she needed to kill the mouse. She asked how. I brain stormed.

Option number one: It was an opportunity to pretend that she was in a survival situation. She could blow torch the little wiggly protein bar good and hard and then try to taste the more meaty parts. No good.

Option number two: She could blugeon it to death. But my daughter would be watching and might not like it. Disregard.

Option number three: She could drown it, but where? How about in the bucket with discarded antifreeze? Perfect. Gracie asks me, "But won't that contaminate it?" "It's going to be recycled," I explain. No problem.

I called a couple hours later. The deed had been done. When I asked were the final resting place of the victim was. Why, it was still in the bucket, of course! We both had a good laugh! The poor victim did get moved to the container where he will rest in a publically funded grave, far away, with the rest of his family.

The lesson for all of us: Don't redefine humane.

I love you, Gracie!!!!! Thanks for making me laugh with your cuteness!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


One beautiful, sunny January day I said "I do" to a handsome and wonderful man. And then...

... I blinked...

... and found that three years had flown by... three years full of challenges and changes and LOTS of wonderful memories and love! And I found that I was still married to that same wonderful and handsome man, I just had soooooooooo many more reasons to love and appreciate him and realize how blessed I was to be his wife! Happy Anniversary (yesterday :-)), Honey! I love you! And I wouldn't trade you for anything!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Vacation!

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, we arrived home safe and sound from our Christmas vacation!!!! We spent a week and a half relaxing with Stephen's family! What a treat! Here are some fun shots of various memories:

"Helping" Aunt Heather on the computer!

Mom M. had a little manger set up with a baby Jesus! Clara LOVED getting to take care of the baby!

Most of our Christmas celebration happened the day after, once everyone was there! Here is our big Medditeranian style feast, complete with homemade flat bread, lamb or chicken to stick in the flat bread, greek salad, hummus and baklava! Yum! It was sooooo good!!!

Gift Time:

Can you tell by the look on her face that she wanted to bust into this play-dough pretty much right away???!!!

Clara digging into another gift!

Grandma and Heather

Mother - Daughter smiles!

Pop pop and Gigi

Pop pop and the grandkidos!


Keep your eyes open, as more may be coming before too long! :-)