Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gifts of Beauty and Design

Amazing.  I've seen butterflies here and there before.  And I've seen so many different kinds on this great video we have.  But seeing this beautiful creature in our backyard struck me so much... for one thing, it spoke to me of his awesome Creator, and the beauty He placed in this world.   If you can, blow up these pictures and check out the blue spots on the wings.  Each spot is not just a single spot, but many tiny ones and the over all look makes me think of the blue being spray painted on.  Beautiful. 

Could this have evolved from nothing?  No.  No, it could NOT.  There is no reason or way a butterfly could decide to give himself such beauty and design.  No way at all.  

And then today, we got another treat... getting to check out this big guy!!!

May the Creator receive the honor and glory He deserves.  He is the God of order, beauty and design.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


When being asked if he wants a particular thing: "Let me think about it."

After being put to bed for the night: "My body don't say take nap."

And this morning, after presenting himself at our bedside at 4:55am
: "I want pancakes".   Thankfully, Daddy insisted that more sleep was in order before breakfast.  When he walked out of his room at about 8:00 this morning, the first thing he said to me was... "I want pancakes."  He hadn't forgotten.

We love that boy.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Higher Math...

A Summer Evening + A Mud Puddle + Three Children + Not Enough Supervision =

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday~

This very precious little gentleman turned one on Thursday.  This year has zipped by and what joy this little guy has brought us... and plenty of wakeful nights too.  :-) 

So what is our little guy like at one year old.  He's pretty easy going, though a very busy mover.  And he does like to be held... as long as you don't stand or sit still for too long.  He's eating a fair amount of solids.  Walking hasn't started yet, though he is "cruising".  And I have seen him standing up when there was nothing around to help him get into that position.  And last night he took a little tiny step.  We're getting there.

We love you little man.  You are such a wonderful gift from our loving God!


Monday, August 12, 2013

20 years???!!!!

Clara and Hil are busy playing happily together and we just had this exchange:

Kids: "We're going to California.  You're going to miss us."

Me "I AM going to miss you."

Clara: "But don't cry.  We're going to be back in 20 years."


Wow.  Some trip!  I guess the California family wouldn't mind though.  :-)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Preciousness... with maybe just a touch of crafty

Today during lunch my little girl scooped up her wee brother, without being asked and started feeding him out of her own bowl, like I often do with him.  It was so adorable, I just had to grab the camera.  And he was quite cooperative for a little while there, and put away several bites of beans.  However, I did wonder if she was purely trying to take care of brother, or be like Mommy.... or if just maybe there wasn't something going though her mind like this "If I feed him some of these beans, then I won't have to eat all of 'em!"  Clever girl.  And just oh so cute!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Lovely Day

One week ago yesterday, I hit a major milestone... the first anniversary of my 29th birthday.

My daughter asked me how old I was going to be.  "30." I replied.  Her response was matter of fact.
"30.  That's old."  :-)  I love that girl.

I had a lovely day, full of special treats.  My Mom and Dad had sent me a pretty birthday package a few days before... I didn't have quite enough patience to wait for the big day to open it though. 

At lunch my handsome man came home on lunch break and took me out.  We fished up the date with coffee from our favorite shop.  My sweet sister-in-law, Heather, and her friend, Jessica, watched the kidos for us. 

I got a calls from a close friend, my Dad, and Randy and Raechel.

In the evening, Mom, Dad, Heather, Jessica, Win and all of our crew went out to eat.  We finished up at our house with cheesecake, gifts, tea, and chatting.  It was a blessed day with many gifts from the Lord.

Thank You, Father for 30 years of more blessings from Your hand then I could ever count. Thank You for the wonderful family, you gave me through birth and the precious family you gave me through marriage, and for the very best gift You could ever give, the life of Your Own dear Son!

Well, you might have thought the celebration was over, but the next day, Hilkiah discovered a rather good size box out front.  It was from my three dear sisters.  And here are a few pictures of the fun that happened as we discovered gifts for everyone!!!   Thank you, Aunties!  We've been enjoying the treasures!