Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beautiful Blessings!

Today was a lovely day here! Weather was in the 50s and the sun was shining! Yay! Spring is coming and I'm ready for it!

The kidos and I took a little walk to our apartment complex's playground and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors! After looking at my phone and seeing that the next week doesn't look like it's suppose to be as nice weather wise as today, I decided that we'd soak in some more sunshine and warm weather, and we took a walk around the block before going in. Clara chose to walk instead of riding in the stroller and collected various rocks and sticks along the way. Good times! Of course, all was not sunshine and bird songs... while Clara was playing at the playground she says "what's this one?" and hands me a dried up bird dropping! Didn't inspect that for too long!!! And then later on our walk her shoe encountered something that someone hadn't picked up while walking their dog. Yuck! Such is life, isn't it? Great blessings can come hand in hand with some challenges too! But the blessings often far out weigh the challenges!

Kind of like parenting. There are those times when it just seems never ending. Moments where it feels like "where can I go to clock out of this job?". We JUST cleaned up those toys... and now they're all over the floor again! I'm trying to get a job done and not one but two little people want Mamma's attention. And the list goes on. BUT... then there is that joy and pride that might be difficult to put into words at the new accomplishment of my little one. It mights seem like something small and insignificant to someone else, but it makes me sooooo happy! Then there's that little smile or big laugh that is just about the cutest thing ever! There's those two chunky hands learning how to clap, the most precious blonde pony tail bouncing up and down as a little girl walks along, a little voice trying to sing a new song she's learning and a little man toddling along using the toy car as a walker. There's that feeling of "oh you are the most precious little thing ever and I could just hug you and squeeze you and kiss you!!!!!"

So, one day I might be wondering where I can go to get a break, but the next day I'm so thankful I get to stay home and be full time Mommy to my precious babies! Yes, GREAT blessings come hand in hand with some pretty big challenges! But, it's worth it!

"Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean,
but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox." Proverbs 14:4

Sunday, March 13, 2011


We finally found an easy and quick way to put videos on our blog!!! Videos from our new phones go on super easy!!! Here are a couple recent ones!

A few pictures from my phone...

An overworked Aunt Anna! Much of what you see behind her is empty boxes or boxes that are just full of packing paper. We were very happy when the lady came to do the empty box and paper pick-up!

Anna was a HUGE help with the unpacking and getting situated! And it was such a treat to just have her here visiting!

My funny girl!

We went out on a family stroll this afternoon. Rather chilly out, but it was a good time anyway! Clara really enjoyed it... I think she may get rather cooped up being inside so much. I'm looking forward to spring!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yay! Back to Blogging!

We now have internet up and running in our apartment and I'm excited to beginning posting again! Hooray!!! When we were in temp. housing we had to use the computer in the lobby... and once we got our phones we could have posted from them... but typing a post with your thumbs on a little key pad seemed rather laborious to me! But now we are back to regular internet access and I'm a happy camper!

We're getting settled into our apartment here and looking forward to spring! Actually, adjusting to all the snow and cold hasn't been too bad... kind of a new adventure! But I am looking forward to warm weather, the kids being free to run around outside and play, farmers markets, etc.!

Tonight will be a full night. Clara and I have been TRYING to make a chicken curry. We'll see how it turns out! A little later we have Bible study at the home of some new friends. I'll have to share more very soon about the neat group of Christian believers we have been so blessed to meet up with!

For now, I will say goodbye and turn my attention back to the kitchen!