Thursday, March 27, 2014


When we go to homeschool coop Hilkiah likes to hang out with Ittai and Mom in the nursery and not go to the preschool class.  A few times though, he has gone to class, and two of the last times he has used this technique to let his teacher know he's done. He informs her:  "I hear my Mom calling me." :-) 

The other night, after being put to bed, Hilkiah came to the doorway of his room and said in his cute little voice "Guys, I can't sleep really much."

Now for a Clara sweetness.  My big girl came up to me out of the blue the other day and said "I hope you don't divorce this baby."  Too precious!  The correct word would be "miscarry".  :-)

About a week ago, Grandma M. had explained to Clara how Grandpa's water jet works.  That evening Clara decided to explain the process to company.  It was more wordy, with things being repeated, etc., but here's the basics of the explanation:
"You mix up water and sand or maybe dirt. And you put metal there and squirt it and it cuts it.  And Grandma said you shouldn't put your finger there!"

Ittai has some verbal cuteness too.  Today, I told his big brother to say "sorry"  to another little kid, and little Ty starts saying "Sauy. Sauy."

Our packages are truly blessings from the Lord!  They bring us such joy, laughter and precious moments!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Blessing On the Way!

We were pleased to find out about a week and a half ago that we are expecting another Blessing!  Lord willing, we should be welcoming this one into the outside world in the time frame of November.  Dates are kind of shaky but we appear to be between 6 and 8 weeks along.  I saw a midwife this week and we got to have a sonogram, and she also picked up a good fast heartbeat!  Thank You, Lord! 

The midwife drew blood while I was there, and it took awhile to fill up the tube...and I'm not good with needles anyway, so I ALMOST passed out.  When I told Clara that I had almost fainted she asked calmly and matter-of-factly "you mean died?"  So, we explained to her what fainting is.  The next day, she was telling someone about what had happened and said "passing out is when you go to bed in the daytime."  Love that girl.

You can be thanking the Lord with us for this new Gift from Him and be praying that if it is His will we will be able to keep this new little one!

Monday, March 17, 2014


 Finally, some pics to share!  Most of these are from the special treat we got to have as a family on our trip, visiting the aquarium in Dallas! 
 This "slothful" fellow was not even in a cage.  Just perched up in a tree that you could walk around.  I guess they can do that because they move EXTREMELY slowly!  His little face was so cute.
 There's nothing to compare it too in this picture... but this croc was huge.

Checking out the river rays.

And here we are with the first manatee I have ever seen in real life.

Don't know what the little man was doing here.  :-)

I think this one is fun of the kids!  This was taken in the shark tunnel.  Photographing three kids is tricky enough... but then trying to catch a shark in the background....  :-)  Daddy did a good job!!

And hey, who needs an extra pillow to prop your legs on at night when you've got a little brother!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

We got back Tuesday evening from a big road trip!  It took in TX, OK, NM AZ, and CO.  It's been a while since we did something that big.  Stephen had a presentation in TX for work.  We stopped for a couple days to see friends in OK and go to a chapel there.  After TX, it was on to AZ, via NM.  We used to live in AZ and hadn't been back for a visit since we moved away, which was over 5 years ago.  The chapel there was having a Bible conference that weekend, so the timing was perfect!  After the conference ended, Sunday, we headed for home. 

It was a lot of hours in car seats for little people, but they did fairly well.  We definitely had some really rough sections, but there were other times where they did great!  It almost seemed like they improved as the trip went on... got accustomed to this "new thing" the family was doing... driving for hour after hour!  :-)  Once we get some pictures down loaded, I'll plan to post some.

The very last morning before we hit the road for the last leg home, the kids had watched a cartoon  about what it means to be frustrated and what to do about it when you feel that way.  That afternoon, Hil says from the back "I'm frustrated. I want to get home."  Then later on: "I'm sick."  I think we asked about what kind of sickness.  "I'm sick of all my frustrating things."  Got to love that boy!  He's been popping out a lot of cute quotes lately!  I think it might be the age!  I'll have to share more soon!