Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tirzah Love

Here are some fun snaps of the girl, taken a month or so back.  The little lady is going on 8 months already!  She is a handful and a joy.  A handful, in part, because she likes to be held quite a bit and there are times when she's squirming and fussing when you hold her and then you put her down and she cries.  :-/  And when you hold her she'd rather you didn't sit and rock her or something... she'd prefer you walk around or somehow keep things interesting. 

She's a joy because she's precious, and adorable, squeezable and has a great smile!!!  And though she can be fussy at times, she also has good long happy times. 

She eating a little solids and just cut her first tooth.  At about 6 1/2 month she started the "Marine Corps" crawl, and is now beginning the all fours crawl.  But the Marine version is faster.  :-) 

Her siblings think she's pretty special and good at making her smile and laugh.  The other day, one of them was saying they wanted another baby brother and baby sister! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015


We realized the other day that without planning it, the boys were dressed matching, so we had a little impromptu phone-photo-shoot.  We got a good variety - from goofy to down right sweet.  Hil's pose in the top one (above) reminds me of something his Daddy would do.  :-) 

We sure love those boys!