Friday, December 26, 2014

Two months have passed since our little Tirzah joined the family... at least, since she joined us in the outside world.  What a full, eventful and blessed two months they have been!

We were very blessed to have visits from my Mom and Dad, my Aunts Margie and Janette, my brother Caleb, and my brother and sister-in-law Randy and Raechel!!!  We also had a trip to Stephen's brother and sister-in-law's for a lovely Thanksgiving.  In the last post, there are pictures from Mom and Dad and Randy and Raechel's visits. 

It has also been a time of challenge and change.  Four little people is sure different then three.  :-)  Just getting all four loaded in the car and taking them shopping or something can seem rather daunting.  Of course the fact that it's winter adds to the job... socks, shoes, jackets, maybe a hat, and a baby loaded in a car seat with blankets.  :-)  I've never been much of a scheduler of my days, but would like to get better and be more organized in general.  You can pray that I'll have wisdom on what to make a priority day to day and what to drop. 

Tirzah has struggled with a little "colic" or something.  Seems she may have some food intolerance.  Right now my dairy intake is majorly reduced.  She's been doing fairly well lately.

Here are some snaps of moments from this last month.  Enjoy!  We sure are blessed!!!!!!!

Pizza (or "eet-zah", as Ittai calls it) at Sam's. 

Aunt Janette and Tirzah

Big brother Hil and Tirzah

What a precious!!!

Clara is getting to be such a helper!!!  The other day Tirzah was crying and big sister picked her up and started singing her own song to her.  She told me that part of the song was "when you fall down I'll pull you up".  When I walked in she was singing this sweet line over and over: "just a little smile will help the pain."  And Tirzah was getting dozy and smiling!!!

And the end result of getting held and sung to....

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just a quick post to share a few pictures from this last month!  I'll try to return soon with more pictures, news and explanations!!!