Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Marine Pie?

The other day I had let it be known that I had baked cinnamon rolls that morning and Grandpa Bob and Grandma Beth popped over in the early afternoon for some dessert.  I asked the kids "What do you think we could give them for dessert?"

Hilkiah: "I know! We could do a marine pie. A marine lemon pie."


We had recently got a book from the library where the lemon MERINGUE pie that the lady had baked saved the day.  :-)

We'll have to make a Marine pie one of these days. 

We have had an eventful last month and a half.  Our two big ones celebrated birthdays, turning 4 and 6!  We have had my Grandparents in town, initially for a quick visit, but now for an extended stay while dealing with a major health issue.  They are staying out at Stephen's parents.  

I'm now around 21 or 22 weeks along with our newest little Gift from God!  Ittai is pretty clueless about the newest addition, but Hil and Clara both give the baby kisses and Clara is praying it's a girl.  I think we may try to find out ahead of time with this one.  The nausea is gone, which is very nice!

We have some great pictures from the last while that we need to get downloaded and share.  I'll try to do that in the next few days!