Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Couple Cutenesses

Today, while playing in the basement Clara informed me that she was going to have a lot to do at the office today.  A BIG pallet was coming.  And there were going to be thousands and thousands of Kanamak workers there to lift it.  Later I found out the pallet weighed 50 hundred pounds.  :-)

A couple nights back, we arrived at a restaurant for dinner and Hil asked if he could bring his blankie inside.  We said he could.  As we walked toward the door he was holding it behind his back to "hide it from the cookers."  :-)

Love those kidos!

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all the joy they bring us!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oldies But Goodies

 Out of focus... but cute!

The dear couple

The sweet folks again

                          I seem to remember sharing some water play pictures, back closer to when this happened... but here's another. 

So handsome.  And what a smile!
I looked through some pictures that we had downloaded from Stephen's phone a while back and snatched some to share.  They are old ones, but I figure, at least the long distance fam (and some of you friends too) will enjoy them.  :-)  The outdoors couldn't be much more different then it is right now!  We currently have snow, and the high today was suppose to be about 10!  Yes, that right, TEN degrees.  Not doing much out side.  :-)