Thursday, January 23, 2014

After the Trip

We went to Topeka this last weekend for a bible study/prayer time.  We got to see some good friends in Hutch, U. Dan and A. Sarah, and U. Win on the way back.  By the time we got home, most of my team couldn't hang. 

Truth be told, I wasn't far behind.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

And that's what little Ittai is for a few more days... "sweet sixteen"... sixteen MONTHS, that is!  :-)

We love that boy.  He been blossoming, learning and growing.  More and more words are making their way out of his little mouth.  Here's the list.

Pea  (please)


No  (of course)



Selah (yup, believe it or not.  More on that later.)

Cu  (which he sometimes says when you give him something... I think it may be "Thank You")


Da (for Dad)


Oh oh

It's funny how this can be your third child, you've watched two other kidos learn and develop, and yet it's still so exciting and fun to watch them do something new!!!  And you feel so thrilled and happy!!!

About the word "Selah".  We have a Bible memory song that the older kids and I had been learning awhile back.  It ends with the word "Selah", which means "stop and think about this."  We were doing hand motions with this song and for selah we would do a stop sign with our hand and then put our finger up to our heads for that common sign for "thinking".  Well a couple times in the last few days I seen saying something that sounds suspiciously like Selah and putting his little fingers up on his head.  Love it!!! 

The little fellow started off as a total Mommy's boy, but that has changed a lot in the last several months.  He now like his Daddy tons, and toddles off to see him when he gets home from work.  Daddy was greeted the other day with a "Hi Da."

Still not a solid night sleeper.  :-(  However, last night was a rare treat and he slept ALL night!

His wispy, blonde hair is getting longer and longer... and maybe a bit shaggy.  It seems to curl in the back.  And if he doesn't get it wet down and brushed, he has some serious bed-head issues!

He's starting to purposely be goofy and funny, which can sure be adorable and a crack-up.

And he's constantly on the move.  He likes to be held, but you better be moving or doing something, or he likely won't be content.  And he has this thing he does that can be a bit annoying.  He squirms to get down and then will sometimes decide IMMEDIATELY that he wants back up. 

When the big kids do school he likes to come up and point repeatedly at the page and make sounds like "ee, ee, ee, ee.", like he's doing letters too!!!

He also gets fussy during school time, so sometimes he ends up having to spend a little time shut up in the kids room.  Interestingly though, he'll cry for a bit and then quiet down as gets busy doing something in there.

We love that boy.  He's a sinner, like the rest of us... gets cranky and angry.  And like the other two we totally need the Lord's enabling to be able to raise Ittai in a way that glorifies His!!!

The little guy brings us such joy and we are so blessed to have him be a part of our little family!