Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Fun

A friend blessed us with a slip and slide for Clara's Birthday and the kids have had fun with it!  Something about water... little folks just love it! 

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for bringing us so much joy in the things You created!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Great Grandma and Grandpa

Over the last few months, we've had the unexpected privilege of having my grandparents in town.  Before they left I had to capture some shots of them with some of their greatgrands!  :-)  Thought my mom, in particular, would like seeing these!  :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More On The Trip

 So, here are some more pictures from our quick trip this last weekend.  Stephen was taking a class on Saturday, and invited the fam to come along.  I was rather dubious as to how enjoyable of a time the kids and I would have with whatever we could find to do.  Stephen's class was in a town of about 400+ people.  The kids and I spent the day about 15 miles away in a town that was bigger, but definitely Small-Town-America.  Turns out Small-Town-America has a lot to offer!!!  We had such a great time!  In the morning the kidos had a super fun time at this very unusual park that was part fort, part farm, part old time town.  First few pictures are from there.

Then we toured a neat stockade replica that had all kinds of interesting old time stuff to check out!  The other little guy in this picture is the grandson of the lady who was showing us around.

 My little lady got to try out a sidesaddle.

And here is Hil posing with an old apple cider press.

We had a delicious lunch at a Bakery and had an afternoon dip in the very nice city pool.  Fun day!  Thank You, Lord!
Finally, some recent pictures!  This one was taken on a 24 hour away trip that we had last weekend.  Stephen was taking a class and the kidos and I were along for the fun of it and to be with Daddy.  We had such an enjoyable time!