Monday, February 22, 2016


For those of you who don't already know, and to make it "blog official", Tirzah has some very good news for ya'll:

 Yes, our precious blessing number 5 is on his or her way and Tirzah is a big sister!  Lord willing, our home will be becoming even busier and more blessed then it already is with the arrival of our newest little one!  :-)  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

 Just had a very nice visit from my dear sister, Anna!  She blessed us by giving us her 5 day weekend!  She now lives a lot closer then she used to... so it makes short visits a possibility!  Yay!!  It's so good to get to have some sister time and she is such a help and blessing to have around!  Love you, Annie!!!

  Here we are at the zoo soaking up some sun and warm weather and checking out the ducks.   

As perhaps you can see it Ittai's eyes, we've been battling sickness around here.  It slowly went through everyone, except for Mommy.  And two of the kidos had relapses.  But Lord willing, we should be out of the woods soon.

Monday, February 15, 2016

I Didn't Feel Like It...

We've had very little snow this winter.  Very little precipitation period.  But a couple weeks ago we got a lovely covering of soft white stuff.  The three bigger ones were out enjoying it.  I didn't feel like going out in it. I didn't feel dressing Tirzah and I up or being out there, period.  But I decided to to go out for just a bit anyway.  And we had a good time!  Hilkiah in particular, thought snowball fighting with Mom was great fun.  And Tirzah, wonder of wonders, kept her mittens on!!!  And 15 month olds don't always take to tromping around in the snow, but she did great and I tried to rescue her quickly any time she tumbled.  Fun times.  Ittai had a great time doing his own thing, one of which was running around "like a horse." 

Life is so full of opportunities to do things I don't FEEL like doing.  And many times there will be blessings in doing those very things.  May the Lord remind me of this snowy day as I face some of the "don't feel like its" ahead of me in future days.