Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's Beautiful!

"It's Beautiful!!!" has been the expression heard quite a few times out of Hilkiah's mouth.  There is something so incredibly precious about hearing a three year BOY exclaim "beautiful" while viewing a blooming flower!  We were given a video for Christmas called "God of Wonders", which does an excellent job of looking at various parts of the creation that surrounds us and explaining some of the unfathomable wonders and complexities of that creation. And the commentators again and again point out that all these incredible things we see around us should point us to our awesome Creator God and how infinitely greater He is then even His creation!  There is NO other possible way this amazing universe could have come to be! I recommend this video for everyone!

As we watched a section of the video last night about the complexity of plant life, many flowers were shown blooming.  Hilkiah exclaimed more then once about the "beautiful" flowers.  Once a rose was shown blooming and he said "I wish we could get one of those for you and Dad."  So precious. 

And at the store he and his sister were urging me to by a scented candle because they were so "beautiful"!!!  That was extra special because it wasn't a toy or candy they were asking for, but something more Mommy-ish. 

May our little boy grow up to be a godly, manly man, who also greatly enjoys God's beauty!

Thank You, Lord Jesus for Your incredibly beautiful creation and for the precious little man You have entrusted us with!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What A Dad

I was gone the other day and Daddy decided to give Ittai a horse back ride.  Apparently, the little guy was ready for his nap, 'cause he knocked out!  Thankfully, Clara was there and able to capture the cuteness!

Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Eat an Apple and Other Rants by the Husband

Please note the teaching session and natural desire for an apple kick in:

Next see what the after math brought about:

Ty got it down to about the size of an apricot...pretty good for a beginner!  :o)
I have been looking around for sewing machines.  Little did I know that it was like a trap for mechanical engineers.  I spent HOURS looking and studying and seeing what the Swiss, Japanese, Swedes, Italians, Germans, and red-blooded Americans hath wrought.  There are some beautiful machines out there!  100% mechanical except for the drive motor.  I was looking for free arm, zig zag with various widths, steel gears (think 50s-70s), cams with decorative stitches a plus, darning capability with DROP DOGS (learned what darning was!), solid reverse mechanism, nice light, and of course looks.  I came up with a list of dream models, so if you see any of these in Goodwill, snatch them up for me and I will pay you back.  
Husqvarna Viking Model 21 with attaching table - She's a beaute!
Bernina Model Record 730 - Masterpiece!
Singer 431G  (Made in Germany for an American Company.  Incidently, Singer stopped making sewing machines during WWII and made bomb parts.  Their factory in Germany did the same.....for the other guys.  At the end of the war, everyone went back to making sewing machines.  That's how I understand it, but it could all be an internet fable.)
Pfaff 139 (I can't even find a good picture), not free arm though.
Janome's comparable version (haven't figured out what that model is)  (New Home 270?)
Here's what darning is:
PRIT-ty handy.
If you have a wood stove that half sticks into your chimney where [little] people can roll random stuff out of eyesight really easily and thus exposing to 400F+, make sure you check that area before lighting up........yeah......for instance....for alkaline batteries.  By the way, we thank the Lord for firewood gifted to us!  Please bless the givers!
Reading Hudson Taylor as a family is good times.
Right now we are at 3:30 to poach an egg on the stove top.  Does all our other poaching friends concur with that time?
If we get more chickens I am probably going to go all out and get RI Reds.  Forget being Mr. Nice Guys...I want production!
"And I said, Let them set a fair mitre upon his head." Zech. 3:5   -Stephen

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thank You, Lord Jesus, For The Preciousness

Precious moments.  I wonder if at times, the Lord just mercifully lifts the blinders of stress, troubles, other thoughts, etc., and let's us just see the preciousness of a moment.  Like today, while we were driving to the zoo, Hilkiah excitedly exclaims "Mom! I saw a shark!".  I struck me, for how much longer will that little boy be excitedly telling Mom about a painting of a shark that he sees out the window?  These "little guy" days pass so quickly.  The thought made me kind of sad. 

Then tonight as I was doing this or that Hilkiah says "when you are done with those dishes, can you hold me and read a book."  Awwwww.  Melt. 

Lord, I need You so much!  I need your enabling to enjoy and treasure these dear little moments, but to also look forward to the future ones you may give, as my babies grow up!  I also need Your enabling to STOP and take the time to hold them and read a book!  Thank You, so much, Lord Jesus, for giving me these precious little ones!!!

And before I say good night, I must share a cute Clara moment from last week.  Hilkiah was noisily rattling a tin with crayons, when big sis stepped in and firmly told him "Hilkiah. That is too loud for peoples nerves."  :-)