Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Family is Growing!

Yes, sir-yyee! Summer is a good time to announce when families grow! Gracie and I would love to announce and welcome the newest member of our extended family, Raechel P., who accepted the kind invitation for marriage from the gregarious, fun-loving romantic you all know as, Randy, uncle to Clara and Hil. We approve of this arrangement and look forward to the forthcoming announcements of the matrimonial festivities. Welcome to the family Raechel!


Randy and Raechel said...

Thank you Gracie and Stephen. We look forward to seeing you in October, Lord willing. Love you guys. Randy and Raechel

Joshua and Stephanie said...

That's sister is getting married in a bout 6 weeks! However I have to admit I was hoping for baby news...:-)

Momma M said...

Yeah, baby news. But, I'm confident that grandfolks wouldn't hear that first from a blog! So, is the wedding in California?