Wednesday, June 26, 2013

 Hello, from the not-so-talkative blog.  :-) We're doing ok here.  Poor Mr. Hil is getting over a NASTY sickness.  Came on Saturday and finally today he is showing some major improvement.  Clara may have caught a lighter version... or have a stronger immune system?  :-)  Anyway, we're very blessed to have people on the mend. 

Here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Handsome:  :-)

This happy picture was snapped by big brother earlier today.  Those eyes are looking very brown... at least in this shot.  In real life they still seem pretty hazel.  We'll see.

Total cuteness (at least in this Momma's book :-))  The boy is becoming increasingly mobile.  He's pulling up all over the place and starting to move around a bit while he's up.  He's also getting into more stuff... as you can see.  And the Marine Corps crawl is now the regular all fours crawl.

In other news, our "homestead" might have to do a major downsize.  We got a visit from Code Compliance today... and it turns out goats aren't legal... and only 6 or 7 chickens.  Stephen had checked city ordinances online before we got the two goats, and according to those we are in compliance. However, it sounds like there is additional code which makes it illegal.  The lady that came by was nice and is going to come back with some printed out info.  We'll see how it goes.  We may have to say good bye to Alice and Jenny shortly..

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betsyann said...

Too cute! Made me grin. :)