Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Pary, Moving X 2, A Fort, Electric Cars, A New Building.........

 Well, we rolled in awhile ago from a great trip.  We took off early, last Thursday for a busy but fun excursion.  The first thing on the agenda was training for Stephen, which took place on Thursday in a town about two hours from us.  I really didn't know how the kids and I were going to spend the time while he was busy... but it worked out beautifully and we had such an enjoyable day!  Thank You, Lord!  Not far from where Stephen's meeting was, there was a lovely park that we spent quite a bit of time at.  While we were driving to the park, we noticed people unloading what appeared to be go-carts from trailers.  We stopped by afterward, and found there was a once-a-year electric car race going on.  The kidos really enjoyed watchin'. 

After lunch with Dad, the kids and I took a tour of the four buildings remaining of an 1800s military fort.  I had been a little dubious as to how interesting this would be... but ended really enjoying myself. 

Friday night we helped out with Heather's move... though honestly, so many people showed up to help from three different assemblies in the area... that we really weren't that necessary!  Thank You, Lord, again!


Saturday was the big party for Great-Grandma's 90th!!!  We got so see lots of family, some of whom I had never met before.

Here's Grandpa Ken with two of his Grandbabies!  Ittai and Clementine.

Cousin Hug!

The Seven Grandkidos!

These two are three weeks apart.  :-)

And here is the lady of the hour... on the right. 
Following the party we began the loading up of great-grandma's things, in preparation of her move out to our part of the state!  The packing was finished up the next day.  We were able to stop along the way home and see Daniel and Sarah's new building, which was a treat!

All in all, it was a full and enjoyable excursion. 

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