Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Hilkiah-isms

A couple days ago, said to some friends who were over, and talking about his little brother:

"Don't look at him.  He's shy."


"My tummy has a headache inside."

At supper:

"Can I have some more cow."

And a bonus precious moment.

You break up fight after fight and tell your kidos over and over that they need to share with each other and need to include little brother, etc.  And then you see a precious moment when they are doing just that. 

We recently got a hand-me-down toy for racing two matchbox cars.  Last night Clara and Hil and two cars all set up to race down the little spiral tracks.  All that had to be done was push the little lever that gets them started.  And there they were, both urging Ittai to push the lever.  "Come on bubba.  You do it!  You do it!"  He just stood there looking at them as they urged.  So I helped him do their bidding. 

Thank You, Lord, for these dear moments!

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