Tuesday, July 8, 2014


 Sunday night, Clara slipped on some playground equipment and hit the metal deck of said equipment, busting the underside of her little chin quite severely.  She ended up with 8 stiches.  She is so precious in a scary situation.  She talks and talks and talks.  She talks about how scary this is, how she doesn't want stiches, how she's NEVER going back to that play equipment again, etc.!!!  We were about 40 min. out of town when this happened and it was a long drive in to the hospital.  She was pretty calmed down by then, and Stephen took her into the hospital and I took the boys home.  Daddy said she did really well with her stiches and all.  And guess what?!! The ER was empty and they were in and out in about 45 min.!

The next morning when Clara woke up she told me, "when I went to sleep I dreamed about Daddy going with me and all his love and care for me and I cried."  So precious!

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