Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Introducing Tirzah Lynn

A little girl prayed ever so faithfully that God would give her a sister.  But Daddy and Mommy were feeling pretty sure this baby was going to be a boy.  However, Clara really wanted this "family to be even", three boys and three girls.  And she really wanted a little sister.  She kept praying.

And our very good God gave Clara her little sister.

Last week we welcomed Tirzah Lynn, into our little family!  She arrived after a few hours of VERY light labor, followed by just under an hour of intense labor.   The serious labor went soooo quickly, that our midwife didn't even make it in time, and Daddy delivered his little girl.  I had decided to take a rest and see what happened.  I laid down at about 2:30 and set the alarm for an hour later.  Serious labor kicked in and baby was born before the alarm went off. 

Tirzah was 8lbs 14oz, and about 19 1/4 in long!  And she is lovely little bundle of blessing from the Lord Jesus!

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