Saturday, January 17, 2015

 Two little girls in their somewhat-matching-footie-pjs!

Daddy and his daughter
 Dr. Seuss???  The kids decided to adorn their little sister with Mommy's green scarf.  And this was the adorable result.
 A new year and a very new look.  We were sure having challenges with getting Clara's lovely, long, blonde hair brushed out and done on a regular basis.  Six year olds don't enjoy having tangles brushed through.  We decided to shorten it to make things easier.  The original plan was to have it a couple inches below her shoulders, but it ended up being one of those deals where as we cut and made corrections it got shorter and shorter.  And then we ended up taking it a friend to clean it up.  :-)  This was the sweet end result of our friend cutting and styling it.  We plan to grow it out again.  As it grows, she'll be growing, and hopefully becoming better able to care for it herself and also better able to endure the pain when someone else is doing it.  :-)
Giving baby her pacie.  And yes, that is a doll, not little sister.  :-)

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