Friday, February 20, 2015

Ok, back with a few more snaps, of our busy, blessed life.  

The next two pictures are good examples of life with little people.  :-)  There the times when it is just plain old messy, challenging and overwhelming.  And then...

... there are the times when those little people are just too adorable and beautiful!  The Lord is so good to mix in great joy with the challenges.

Here's my big pacie fan.  :-)  He likes to walk around with an extra at times.  This time he had a total of four.  :)  Nice to be able to swap out the current one for a fresh one.  :-)

Few days ago, after quiet time, Clara and I could NOT find Hilkiah.  After looking around inside the house we went looking and calling around the house.  No success.  We went back in to look some more and discovered him asleep, under the boys bunk bed.  :-)

What a four year old can look like after having fun helping in the kitchen.

 Cinnamon rolls!

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