Saturday, March 21, 2015

Family Pics Just for Fun

 This is our formal pic.  Gracie picked out all of the outfits.

 This is our fun informal pic.  It was the hardest to get.  The photographer had to photo shop 4 pictures together just to get everyone to smile and look at the camera.  I am so glad they can do that now. 

 This workout session is inspired by Vladimir Putin.  Ruuuusian  Power!  The photographer got a little carried away and photoshopped some guns onto Ty.

This is a tea time themed shot.  I love my girls!  By the way, the bear is a boy, but he fits in very nicely to all social events, we thought it was OK.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!!! Thanks so much for posting them, so that all of us who miss you all so much can see them! The Vladimur Putin pose made me laugh, and I thought it was so precious that little Tirza was smiling in the Tea time picture!
Love you guys and praying for you all!
~ Juliana K.

Ravi Thieme said...

Wow! You all are so old. I miss y'all a lot.

Anonymous said...

Aww....abey just got done talking to Stephen and I ( Sophia) wanted to so badly see you all. Such a cute family picture. Had fun seeing some cute pictures here. We miss you all!