Thursday, August 20, 2015

The last while...

So, what's all been going on the last while around these parts?

Well,... here's a partial list:

This Mommy celebrated a birthday.  :-)

The kidos had a week with cousins in town!

We've been doing some school during the summer.

There have been get together with various friends and our home school group.

And our Ittai had a birthday.

It's been a full and blessed past month!

Here's smattering of pictures from the last couple months:

We did sponge curlers in "girlie's" hair.  She didn't like this outcome, but later, when it was calmed down, she liked it.  And days later, looking at these pictures she seemed to approve.

Precious boy with a super smile!!!! 

Another great smile.

Daddy got to drive a grain cart and help a friend out with harvest.  One day we went a long for awhile.  Both boys are in there.

Our sweet "Toothless-Wonder".  :-)

Birthday Boy (though not taken on his birthday)

 The Lion At Our Zoo Had Cubs!!!!
Group Selfie  :-)


In the Mix said...

So good to see these faces!

Melissa Ferguson said...

Thanks for posting!!! Loved getting to see all the picture! :) I REALLY like the group selfie!

Raechel Ferguson said...

Clara's curls are so cute! So many sweet pictures.