Friday, March 25, 2016


It's been a day of blessings.  Life can be so full of challenge, struggle, things I don't understand, but God is so GOOD to pour in such blessings with it.

Some blessings from my day:

The serious face of a three year old, facing me with his sweet brown eyes and listening as I read from the Bible.  That look of attention was so precious.

That same precious child, because of listening to  a book being read later in the morning, asking with sweet eagerness if "Jesus would come to our house?"  And later in the conversation saying "I would say Hi and hug Him".  It gave Mommy the opportunity to share with him and the others that if he would put his faith in the Lord Jesus, Jesus would come to live inside him and and would be with him always.

This same sweet little fellow bringing yet MORE weed flowers as gifts for Mommy.  A three year old sweetly bringing you weeds is just way too precious!!!!  Seriously.

Potty-training successes.  We're "behind" on that, but very thankfully, the Lord has been blessing us with progress!  And boy, it can be exciting... and a relief!!!!

All the bigs going to Grandma's for part of the afternoon.  I took my dear Tirzie on a walk.  As she was riding in the stroller, without older sibling to distract her, she started singing away.  She knows a few words from "Jesus Loves Me".  She sang and sang.  Sometimes I would join her and then she would carry on solo.  "Twinkle twinkle" got added in there a little bit, but we mostly sang Jesus Loves Me.  Preciousness, that may not have happened or been appreciated with out that one-on-one time.  Thank You, Lord.  And thank you, Grandma!

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