Friday, May 20, 2016

Mexico Part One

A little over a week ago our little family returned from a pretty big excursion.  A trip to Mexico had been in the works quite a while, and finally, in April/May of this year it happened.  End of April, the 7 of us (baby bump included :-)), loaded up and began a long drive south.  The first night we spent in a motel in Texas and had a dip in the pool. 

The second day found us crossing the border and not really knowing what we were doing.  At first we tried to cross where, unbeknownst to us, only commercial trucks are allowed to cross.  We then stumbled around trying to find the place where "little old us" crosses.  We found it. We assumed we would be stopped, our passports stamped, and whatever else needed to happen would be taken care of.  Well, we kept following the car in front of us and found ourselves all the way across the border, in a Mexican town, passports never looked at, no permits, no nothing.  Free pass today???

We carried on to our first destination, the city of Monterrey, a couple hours from the border.  We found that city to be teeming with traffic, much of which drives quite aggressively.  The streets also over abound with speed bumps.  Rather jolting experience.  :-)  We truly were in a new place.

We joined the family we were staying with at a Bible study in the home of another family from their church meeting.  We were ushered into this lovely little home where, thankfully, the singing wasn't over yet.  That singing was beautiful.  It filled that little home, resounding off the the walls and hard floors and touching your heart, even if you didn't understand the words.  It was a lovely welcome to Mexico.

Much more to follow, but that is a start. 

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