Thursday, January 5, 2017

Looking Back

 Looking back on a year that saw a woefully small number of posts, here are a few snapshot highlights from 2016.

May was a big month for the two people above.  They turned 6 and 8.  Hil's birthday was while we were in Mexico.  We celebrated in Mexico and then also had a joint party with his sister back in the states.  The fun cake was a DQ icecream.   

In July, I got to travel to CA for my brother's wedding to the lovely Monique.  Tirzah got to come with me.  For the first time in five years, all nine of us siblings were together in one place!!!

The Four Sister! I was quite pregnant with Ranan by then.

 The newly weds!

Mr. Ty celebrates a birthday!

One of the biggest events was welcoming our newest blessing to the family, Ranan!  Precious little man.  He brings us so many smiles.

 My Mom was here for his birth and helped out a TON, as usual!  Dad blessed us with a visit too!!!

This precious lady turned 2!

And in December, we traveled to MO to spend Christmas with family!  What a big treat!!!!

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