Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plant shots

Here are some shots of some of the stuff we are TRYING to grow!

Sweet Pea sprouts (as in the flowers, not the food). Not sure yet where I'll plant them. Maybe out front after our land lord has the new shrubs put in. Other flowers I'm trying to grow are: morning glories, moon flowers, violas, johnny jump ups, lilies and gladiolas.

Spinach that we have not yet transplanted

Spinach that we have transplanted

Tomato plant. We did NOT grow this from seed! Cheated and bought a bunch of plants!

Corn sprouts!

Of our first batch of sprouts, the cilantro was the last to sprout. We thought it might never come up! But now it's doing great!!!

When we first started our sprouts, the broccoli were the first to burst eagerly to the surface. And they've continued to do well! Here's a little bunch of them... transplanted and surrounded by cut grass mulch.

Beat sprouts coming up by the "millions"!

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