Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well I haven't been the most faithful poster but there has definitely been some post-worthy news around here these days!!! To name a few:

On July 21st my brother Mark popped the question to his lovely girlfriend, Sherry, and she said yes!!! They are planning a December 18th wedding, which I have already been looking forward to! Sherry is going to be such a dear, wonderful addition to the family!

Mark, Sherry and Hilkiah, on a visit shortly after Hil was born.

My brother Josh is out in this part of the country right now, for a visit, which is very special! He's down visiting Mark right now and then is planning to be back up here for most of this week! Clara has the "Josh" part down, but we need to work on the "Uncle" part! :-) A few times she said "Uh Josh", but then just shortened it to "Josh".

Hilkiah had his three month birthday this past week! How time flies! He's getting to be quite the big boy and is such a precious! He's doing well at night, though he usually has one feeding still and we usually pop the pacifier in at least once during the night, but that's not too bad. His smile and occasional little laugh and his sweet cooing / talking sounds can just melt your heart!

And that folks, is some of the VERY post-worthy news from around here!

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