Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Callin' Big Sis

Earlier today we were walking out in the apartment parking lot. Clara was way ahead of Kiah and I. I had called out to her a few times. After a bit I heard a little voice next to me call out something that sounded like "Ce-la!" I suddenly realized what he might have been trying to say so I tried calling out "Clara" a few more times The little man once more called out and it once again sounded like an attempt at big sis' name (Te-la or Ce-la)! Awwwww!!!! Made this Momma happy!

At 14 months Hil says "Mama", "Da", and the occasional something that sounds like an attempt at "Bye-bye" (Ba-ba) and "Hi". And he will occasionally mimic something we just said. Then there are the many sweet baby sounds... we must enjoy them before they are gone!

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Momma M said...

Yes. Loved "Jophis" and other ones that you've shared. Unfortunately I didn't write many down, but I still chuckle over "hangaburrs" and "Here I are."