Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Things Said By Clara...

"Daddy? You know I love you." -After helping me cut some plywood to fix the changing table while putting on her shoes to help me jump start one of our vehicles.

"I was hiding and then it came down. I was hiding in the closet." -First thing in the morning while cleaning up a freshly made, dirty diaper.

"OK, ok, I the mommy and you the daddy. Bye, See you." -While she has a baby doll in one arm and her purse over her other shoulder, talking over her shoulder as she's walking away.

"I getta hava treat!" -After she found out she was going to get leftover pizza for lunch.

Me at the dinner table- "Eat more food, Clara."
C- "OK, but I hafta finish what's in my mouth."

I was driving to PA two weeks ago and broke down along side the road. A spark plug had vibrated out. While limping to a parts store with one spark plug out I hear "Maybe it's broken, Daddy, maybe the engine is broken."

Then my Helper wanted to assist in fixing the vehicle, but it was to boring just holding parts. So she resorted to running around the car shouting orders and acting out a whole action scene for an upcoming movie. I wish I had the video of it all. At one point, I am under the hood and she is in the driver's seat turning nobs and switches and yells around the open door, "Push the red button, Daddy, the RED BUTTON!"

"Daddy, come here and lay down. Lay down. OK, good. I the doctor from California."


Scott said...

Love it!

Grandpa F.

Anonymous said...

SO, fun to get to "hear" of these!!

Ham said...

Oh nooo!!! Not the red button!

Momma M said...

Dad M said... "I like it. She's growing up."

Mom M... I'm thinking of a response to this in my next blog!

Mom said...