Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday's Moments To Remember

It was cold and grey at the park.  However, some rays of sunshine still made their way to my heart.  The first was arriving and finding that hundreds and hundreds of Canadian geese had decided that the small pond and it's surrounding grass would be a good place to gather.  An impressive sight.

Some more rays of warmth cut through the chilly day as I pushed my little Hil on the swing.  I decided to sing him a song with accompanying hand motions.  After I sang one or two he rewarded me with his sweet grin and encouraging round of applause then signed for "more"!  So of course, I sang some more.  More smiling, clapping and signing for "more".  How can a Mommy say no?  On I sang.  And on he clapped and requested encores!

Thank You, Lord, for using my little son to bring sunshine to a grey, cold day!

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