Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Enough...

We were blessed with just enough snow a few days ago to be able to go get our first sled and give it a shot!  The videos are from yesterday afternoon when Stephen took Clara out and gave her the first ever rides.  Hil was napping.  However, this morning I got to take them both out and have some fun!  They both enjoy it!  Hil pretty much doesn't want to do anything but sit there and ride around or watch Clara and I play.  The big bulky snow suit might have something to do with that.   He did a good job of keeping the mittens on... surprise, surprise!  He does think Mommy throwing snow is very funny... unless he gets it in the face!  Enjoy!


I know, it looks like she's headed right into the street... however, there is a good size ditch there to work as a safety block.


Momma M said...

Fun...I need to post our foot of snow and news!

Anonymous said...

SOoooooo precious!!!