Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Roles I've Been Given

The other day a little girl draped a sheet over her head and told me she was called "Mary".  Then she changed it to "the bride".  Shortly thereafter she went and got me veil from my wedding day and I helped her put it on.  A few minutes later she showed up at my chair, veil on and holding the sheet around her and said "Hey, hey.  I Raechel (her new Auntie whose wedding Clara was just in)."  She then wanted to know if I would be "Uncle Randy".  I obliged for a little while and we walked around and played wedding.  Didn't know that one of the Mommy jobs was playing groom.  :-)

The next day, she was Mary and I was given the role of "Jophis".  :-)

Another thing I've been requested to play lately is "dragons"!

We love that girl!

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Keulen Family said...

Thanks for all the updates. It makes me feel a little more a part of your life. I remember all of the many times that we talked about our children and our future homes when we were growing up. It's fun to see little glimpses into the fulfillment of those things in your life.
Praying that the Lord would richly bless you and that you would continue to see the daily blessings that the Lord places in your life!
Love you lots!
~ Juliana