Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Conversation With My Daughter

This is Stephen and I had a conversation with Clara Belle that I would like to share.  It was last Sunday afternoon while the others were having a nap.  I was doing daddy things like trying to read something.  CB was doing some imaginary cooking.

C:  Can I make you more cakes? (For my birthday)
S:  Sure.
C:  You would like more cakes?
S:  Well, not really.  Daddy likes pies better.  Apple pie, pumpkin pie, even coconut creme pie I like.
C:  Oh, OK.....I need surgery for my baby.
S:  I'm thinking "Surgery??!!!  What's wrong?  Her baby?"
C:  Because I can't get pregnant.....but I don't need that because my husband can't get pregnant....yeah....only I need to make more pies.
S:  *speechless*
C:  Would you like two?
S:  Yeah.  *mostly numb in the brain*
C:  And another one?
S:  Yeah.
C:  And another one?
S:  Yeah.
C:  And another one?
S:  Yes.
C:  OK.  *nod nod*

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Tim Newcome said...

Yep kids surprise you with what they say....the biggest thing is to do what you just did. Write it down! It's so hard to remember the cute/scary things they say.