Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Fun Sayings from Clara

This is from her father:

1.  Clara praying:  "Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for 'tecting us, and 'tecting kiah, and 'tecting momma, .....and .....and.....and Kevin, Jeanie, and Suzanna.  ...And save Sarah, and save Krista, and....and....*usually playing with a toy or tie laces, etc*  and.....and.....save Daddy [!].......Pray ask you, amen."

Incidently, Hil prays too.  Since he's the youngest he prays first and he puts his face in his two hands and mumbles for two seconds, and then looks up with a big smile as if he knew God just answered!

2.  Talking to her father who is looking at some king of tool (can't remember what)  "No, daddy, you can't use that here.  You need to go outside!"

3.  Momma was showing the cut she received while chopping onions, Clara pipes up from the couch:  "Momma, you need to be careful!"

4.  Clara while watching her mother eating a piece of licorice, "Little Grandpa has one of those."  Little Grandpa is her Grandpa M., and if you knew him, it would be funny that she'd remember he likes to eat licorice.  Also, if you knew Grandpa F., you would understand why he is known as Big Grandpa.

And none of this was put in her mouth!


Tim Newcome said...

cute cute cute....I can never remember the things they say long enough to write them down.

Joshua and Stephanie said...

Your little ones are so cute! I have a feeling Tirzah will be full of fun words and sayings soon, she sure does babble right now! Gideon is hilarious and it is funny how much boyishness is in him--talking about "gas" and such. He's cute...I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

How FUN to get to "hear" and "see" these precious events! Thank you again, for taking the time to share all these with us!!!!! SO, precious! <3 :) Mom F.