Friday, May 4, 2012

It Flew By...

Our little man turned 2 today!   Sometimes we ask ourselves, "how could that be?"  But it's true!  And such a gift from the Lord he has been to us. 

Hilkiah, there are so many things about you that bring us such smiles and joy...

The way you say "Mama", "Dada" and "Yaya" 
The ways you are just such a BOY, like tackling sister and running all over the place
Your love for balls
Your fascination with trucks ("Cha"), motorcycle ("A-cha"), fire engines ("Woo-woo") and trains ("Choo-choo")... oh and don't forget airplanes!
The way you ask about "Yaya" in the morning when she isn't up yet
The way you pray for each of us by name
Your love of taking orders for "tea?"
Your kisses and hugs

We pray you grow into a man who loves and follows and believes the Lord Jesus with all your heart!

This was actually from a few months back...

And here is some birthday fun from today!  We went to Daddy's work and Daddy bought us all lunch.  After eating, Hil got to open his presents... a soccer ball and football!  And of course we had to try them out!  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, to Hilkiah!!! Thank you for the videos, pictures and posts! It surely is the next best thing to being there!!! How we'd LOVE to be there, or have you near us!!! <3 God's SURE blessed us with computers and cameras and an ability to communicate,... Thanks SO much again, for taking the time to share all these posts with us!!!! Mom F.