Monday, April 23, 2012

The Hazards of School

Ok, let's start with the hazards of school.  First of all formal "school" around here has thus far been VERY hit and miss.  We don't do it MUCH more then we do.  However... we did sit down and do just a little today.  Here Clara is working on the number "3".  We've just barely started doing any writing at all, so the neat ones you see there are either ones I did or she traced.  

Ok. Now for the hazards.
1. There is a great danger of giving yourself a green nose without knowing it.
2. Then if you have a rascally mother, you're in peril of having the green nose captured in a photograph before you've been informed that you even have it!  

3. And once you know about the colored nose, you never know what that information is going to do to your brain!!!  :-)  Talk about mad skills!

Hopefully, we gave you a smile!  Don't miss Stephen's post below.


Momma M said...

three cheers for fun at school :)

Joshua and Stephanie said...

So cute, I want to do a little something with Gideon this Mom has started passing on her preschool stuff to me which is nice!