Monday, December 31, 2012

News and Blessings

Another quick update on us and what's been happening around here.  Still don't have our computer problem dealt with, so I'll wait to share pictures... I've got some good ones!!!!

  We've been so blessed to get to spend Christmas and New Years Eve with Stephen's folks, and what a lovely  time we've had.  Christmas Eve we did a pie bake off, had lunch and supper together, and did gifts in the evening.  Christmas day we had a lovely Mediterranean meal and spent more time visiting and relaxing.

Today, New Years Eve, we got a lovely white blanket of snow... about six inches or so of it.  Beautiful.  Clara had lots of fun out there playing and getting pulled around in the sled by Ravi, the young guy who is staying with us.

Mom, Dad, Heather, and Grandma Deemer were here for supper.  The meal was a joint venture.  Heather and Mom did DELICIOUS quiches.  We did toasted bread with an artichoke spread, tomato, capers and a little bit of salmon.  Berry crisp was dessert.  All was followed by tea around the wood stove... and thanks to the wood stove no body was cold... quite the opposite!  :-)

And Lord willing, the kids and I will be getting to spend a whole month catching up with most of my family in  Feb. / Mar.!  What a treat!!!

2012 has been another year full of challenges and blessings.  One of the most obvious blessings was our move here to Kansas.  Stephen GREATLY enjoys working with Dad M. and being near his parents has been such a treat for all of us!  August 15 was a big day of blessing... when our little Ittai was born quickly and, thanks to the Lord's protection, safely into the outside world.  We also got visits from friends and quite a few of my wonderful family members!

The Lord Jesus has been so good to us.  We don't deserve it.  One of my prayers for this coming year will be that I grow in faith and learn to have my eyes and heart fixed on Him!

Unless He returns before, have a blessed New Year!

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